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Comment Re:This is why... (Score 1) 175

But, if they can better pinpoint your location to a few meters, they can start trying to send you spam in the mail, or, maybe even sell your information to those people search sites. More metrics always helps. It can even work to become a stronger confirmation of your location, if your IP and geotags all match.

Comment Re:Some quick math says... (Score 1) 359

This thing is putting nearly a quarter megawatt (240kw) drain on the power grid during use.

The quick charging station probably has some sort of means to store charge (e.g. large capacitors [boron/carbon nanotube supercapacitors?]), which can be charged over a great amount of time, and then quickly dissipated in to the automobile.

Comment Bad Summary (Score -1) 205

The thing about TRIM is that its to help the wear-leveling on the drive, not the data throughput performance (TRIM does nothing to guarantee consecutive blocks, etc....It actually would likely cause more fragmentation, because what the system sees as consecutive logical blocks could be reallocated several times on different portions of the disk, creating an extra layer of fragmentation that the OS isn't even aware of).

Even without TRIM you should expect similar performance characteristics until the cells in a specific region of the drive start to fail, because the drive doesn't know when its safe to reclaim blocks for the wear-leveling-- To have any wear leveling at all without TRIM the drive must actually set aside blocks, making it so that the user doesn't see all of the available space on the drive (when a block is rewritten, the drive can allocate a block elsewhere from the pool of free physical blocks, and then assign the old block to the pool of free blocks).

Comment Re:Define "consumable" (Score 1) 240

Yeah, they're re-usable. But if it's stuck in a filing cabinet then you can't re-use it now can you.

And, even in a good office, I'd be amazed if even half of them got recycled into the system, and not lost/thrown away.

Confidential documents?
* Recovery of the last print might be possible?
* It's a pain to erase the pages (refeeding into an appliance)

Comment Re:Holy moley ! (Score 3, Interesting) 143

But on x86, you are only guaranteed 4 *real* general purpose registers. x86_64 increases this number. With a good compiler, the register allocator would use all of these, and you would have much fewer loads from main memory, which can take on the order of 75+ cpu cycles on a cache miss, or 5+ cycles on a cache hit.

Comment Re:My say on this (Score 1) 686

My say on this

"Not enough women" implies that the proportion between men/women is too unbalanced
"too many men" implies the same thing

so, are you saying that there is a target ratio of men to women that you want to hit?

If so, all your question basically is asking is whether there are too many people in the technology industry (being that the ratio could be met with less or more overall people).

Now to answer the real question, "Are there too many people in the technology industry?".........

Comment Re:$1 Million... Really? (Score 1) 621

I'd say they lost money on power consumption. Not up keep.

Running your processors at full speed raises the temperature of computers.

In the department where I work, we have seen many heat related computer deaths (especially with these machines: ). I have seen the SMART statistics off of several hard drives that report them as running over temperature in their lifetime. The logs on the machines are also full of "cpu over temperature" warnings.

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