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Journal Journal: Silly IBM ad 2

The IBM ad that is showing today, "How are you building a smarter planet?" I replied "Plant brains." I doubt that will make it by the moderators.

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Journal Journal: dev./ 3

I dunno about others, but I am getting the impression that /. develops on its production servers or it is 0wn3d.

I am getting javascript errors that D2 doesn't exist. Therefore, I can't mod anything up or down.

When clicking to expand a comment, it brings it up in a completely new page with only that comment and it's children (I hope this is a bug and not a new feature, it is annoying)

I am seeing the right column disappearing, no ads at times (I like ads :) ) and sometimes missing formatting of pages (bad/missing CSS)

This is happening in IE and Firefox. Firefox on Mac, IE on PC (of course).

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Journal Journal: Boobie Beer

There is a Bulgarian lager that claim their beer has been brewed specifically to make women's breasts larger.

see story here

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