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Comment Yeah, people miss their cellphones. We get it. (Score 1) 333

This wasn't a test of anything but the subjects attention span. If the shock was so mild as to not offer sufficient disincentive, I'm surprised more participants didn't elect to just get the process over with as soon as they grew bored and felt confined. Change the parameters of the experiment to include a more prolonged discomfort and see what happens.

Comment Re:Wait so now (Score 5, Insightful) 692

Picketing this guys house doesn't solve anything. He's enriching the world with his work. He's not beating child slaves in some African diamond mine, he's not indenturing people to manufacture tennis shoes. These people are doing the most convenient thing possible to act like they care without actually leaving the city or county they live in. The protestors would be better served to use that energy to plant a tree and get over themselves.

Comment Re:New technology makes old technology obsolete. (Score 3, Interesting) 298

I've worked at a electronics store that shall not be named in my more formative years. The employee price on USB cable was 10% above cost, so about a buck. The cost to customers? Literally $15-20 per cable. And that, by the industry standard, was relatively reasonable. It was an up sell item on computer systems.

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