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Comment Re:Article makes a HUGE assumption (Score 1) 816

More importantly, that these videos are probably mostly "preaching to the choir" wankery.

People who are paranoid about vaccinations will go around to watch videos that support their premise and strengthen their delusion. These people, much like the religious, are unlikely to change their opinion on the face of empirical evidence, because they "just know" something is wrong.

In short, those views are probably split between 1) People who think these vaccinations are fantastic and want to laugh at the Luddite morons, and 2) People who think these vaccinations are the greatest evil, and want to hear their opinion echoed back to them to confirm it.

Submission + - Pharmacy Spam King gets 30 years (govtech.com) 3

www.ahbl.org writes: "A notorious spammer who made millions of dollars selling medications online has been sent to jail. Twenty-seven year-old Christopher Smith, who used the nickname "Rizler," was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Prosecutors had argued for a stiff sentence after Smith made a death threat against a witness's children.

Items for Care Package may include:
  • Assless Chaps (for the cold winter nights)
  • Birthday Cakes (with conspicuously baked-in saw)
  • male enhancement pills (for the other inmates in the facility)
  • KY (Magnum grade or better please)
  • X@N@X C!A&L!5 V1AGR.A and V4IIUM (Please mark these packages per US BOP guidelines)
Care Packages may be directed to Mr. Rizler at the Federal Prison in Terre Haute, Indiana."

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