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Comment Re:Well, duh! (Score 1) 244

Hell, in an ideal world...make the contractors more cautious when promising stuff because what they'd say could be held against them later on.

All I can say is that I have dealt with sales people who are very, very good about carefully wording what they will and won't do. If you think that won't just get more in-house lawyers writing memos about "better" double-speak, well I think you'd be the one rudely surprised.

Comment Re:"Full" Name (Score 4, Funny) 213

If you kill him to do it, then explain that at your trial, I guarantee you'll succeed.

That counts as SEO manipulation and violates Google's TOS. They'll be forced to put you down, but more news stories will come up about the novelty of it. Google will implode.

Potential for the most interesting Wiki article, ever.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 4, Interesting) 95

I'm currently working for a fairly large 2500+ employee multi-national that regularly handles confidential information belonging to other businesses. I can safely tell you that we have scaled back all of our efforts to move things to the cloud and have actually reversed the trend by bringing more and more things in house over the past year. This orignally started with several data privacy laws enacted in the EU that made farming things out prohibitively expensive but perhaps the most interesting part of this is that since the various leaks this year, we've been getting more scrutiny from foreign companies about what we could have any hope of keeping from the government if asked.

Comment Re:Goodness me, apparently NZ justice is real (Score 5, Insightful) 111

If by consequences you mean that no one is being taken to task for this massive invasion of privacy even though it doesn't take a legal eye to see that the mad grab of Kim's assets was retarded. They basically were able to take his stuff for months and their penalty was to... give copies of it back? Awesome.

You do realize, that they already sent copies of the hard drives across the ocean to the States. And no matter what that NZ judge says... Kim is already guilty according to our most important citizens - business. This is data they had no right (literally) to take. He's a dick - but they're worse.

Comment Re:Microsoft has a majority market share (Score 1) 267

That's a great point. There were always other options, just we never considered them competitors so they weren't counted. Frankly, I would still define a computer as something that sits on or under my desk because that's what I grew up with so I would never consider my Galaxy's Android OS among my most used OSes.

What I would really like to see is a OS usage on a per hour basis. I bet we would see Windows (due to being used for business and on most home pcs) pull even farther ahead, simply because there's no way I'm on my phone or my iPad as much as my work laptop.

Comment Re:Microsoft has a majority market share (Score 1) 267

...and the ratio of the likely phones/tablets at (what I'm assuming) is a white-collar job would be similar to global market share... so add in:

400 Androids (seems high... might be less in the US, I was lazy)
130 iPhones running iOS
a handful of feature phones and a smattering of MS Phones

And you'll find your ratios balanace out *much* more than they used to.

Source:Hint: It didn't always look like this.

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