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Journal Journal: More fun with translations

My first entry with this user. I don't even remember my old user name, but I never posted much, so no one else would remember, anyway.

Been a while since I've kept up with this hell hole and I missed it.

So I was checking out some new stuff (at least new since the last time I actively read /.) and found the link to slashdot.jp. Automatic translations of (especially) Japanese sites are always humorous, so I took it to Google. This may not be news to most people who might read this, but it cracked me up, so I decided to natter on about it a bit.

The usual translational silliness abounded, of course. I checked out the following:

Anonymous Coward says that,

Internet companies in the U.S., IE6 No More started the project. This is, IE6 to IE8 and Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, Google Chrome's campaign to promote the transfer of the latest browser (Publickey from). In this project, IE6 when accessing a Web site, "You are using a browser older" and have provided sample code for displaying banners. Try to introduce your site?

The mod tags in the comments included the usual "Interesting", but the rest were a bit different: "as a reference", "great insights" and "ha-ha funny". The "ha-ha funny" (my favorite, of course), was:

I'll tell you what to increase the real effects of ERAI.

"You are obsolete. In your browser."

Obsolete in your browser? That's harsh, man. They must have similar fun with English to Japanese translations, especially if it doesn't use katakana. If I remember that right.

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