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Submission + - A Manifesto Against Copyrights (

Signum Ignitum writes: This manifesto for the abolition of copyright protections has been making its way around of late. It starts off with a brief history of the development of media and communication to the present, goes on to treat both the economic and cultural ramifications of copyright enforcement (the homogenization of culture), looks at what a world without copyright might look like (spoiler — media production still happens), and ends with a call to action. With the 8th round of ACTA negotiations quickly approaching, hopefully these arguments can gain some ground.

There's also a more academic companion paper which delves more into the economic argument by showing how utility is affected by marginal increases in intellectual property laws.


Submission + - Safari 4's Messy Trail (

Signum Ignitum writes: Safari 4 came with a slew of cool new features, but extensive data generation combined with poor cleanup make for a data trail that's a privacy nightmare. Hidden files with screenshots of your history, files that point back to webpages you've visited and cleared from your history, and thousands of XML files that track the changes in the pages in your Top Sites can add up to gigabytes of information you didn't know was kept about you.

Submission + - Students 'vision impair' new MS email interface (

bfire writes: Students from Universities that have adopted Microsoft's Live@edu product as their student email systems have started using the "blind and low vision experience" option in IE in an attempt to de-clutter the crowded email user interface. Microsoft inked its latest deal today with the University of Sydney, who will roll Live@edu out to 46,000 students. But many have crowded forums and blogs to complain that settings and options in Live@edu aren't accessible using Firefox or Entourage. Features only available in IE include 'Change Password', 'Junk Email' and 'Deleted Items'.

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