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Comment Re:Asked, answered. (Score 1) 318

"For the kinds of searches I most commonly do, they're simply not as good as they once were." I'm glad someone else has noticed this, too. I'm fairly disappointed that most of the top results of my tech searches are bogus dynamic fake search engine links, irrelevant ads, and many many marketing site links. Where DID the real results go ? On this topic, though... Brand loyalty is a funny concept. Like a corporation is loyal to YOU (me), eh? As for AMD, I used them exclusively in my computers and all the machines I custom built for clients, for around 7 years. Last month I got an e6400 C2D, and I have to say, it plain rocks for speed and whatever else it does. So now I build inexpensive C2D boxes with the inexpensive motherboards out that are less than $100, and have no issues at all with them. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't try something else that promised to be greater in a reasonable price range. Brand loyalty. Whew. Just what the marketing peeps were aiming for. Musta missed me, or I'm just a renegade.

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