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Comment This is not impressive (Score 1) 164

You can make an electric car do whatever you want. You can put big motors in them and make them pull stumps, you can put tall gears in them and make them run 175mph, you can put big batteries in them and cut weight so people can drive 100 miles on a charge, but the one thing you cannot do is take them from an empty charge to full in 5 minutes nearly anyplace in the United States. I'm sick of seeing headlines about how some car can go 0-60 faster than a Porsche or whatever. It's all pointless right now.

Submission + - SPAM: Melting Antarctic Ice Causes Wind?

cindyps writes: Through satellite imagery and data obtained indicate if wind and water aremain cause of ice in Antarctica began to melt . According to scientists, strong winds had lifted the warmer water tosurface of of sea ice and cause the ice melts with unusual speed .
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Submission + - Anti-DDoS vendor suffers DDoS attack (

An anonymous reader writes: Arbor Networks was made an official target of Operation Payback for a short time yesterday afternoon. The DDoS campaign started due to Arbor Networks' commentary on Operation Payback’s recent DDoS actions, including a comment that they were small and unsophisticated. In a statement they said, "As a security vendor, Arbor is constantly the target of attacks and attack threats. It is part of doing business in this space." Still, the irony of an anti-DDoS vendor suffering a DDoS attack that knocked them offline for hours isn't lost on the Web.

Submission + - Retailers Dread Phone-Wielding Shoppers (

Ponca City writes: "The WSJ reports that until recently, retailers could reasonably assume that if they just lured shoppers to stores with enticing specials, the customers could be coaxed into buying more profitable stuff too, but now marketers must contend with shoppers who can use their smartphones inside stores to check whether the specials are really so special. "The retailer's advantage has been eroded," says Greg Girard adding that that roughly 45% of customers with smartphones had used them to perform due diligence on a store's prices. "The four walls of the store have become porous." Although store executives publicly welcome a price-transparent world, retail experts don't expect all chains to measure up to the harsh judgment of mobile price comparisons and some will need to find new ways to survive. "Only a couple of retailers can play the lowest-price game," says Noam Paransky. "This is going to accelerate the demise of retailers who do not have either competitive pricing" or a standout store experience."

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