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Comment Thumbs Up (Score 1) 453

How many people here would take one look at that UI and assume that the + meant 'mod this up'?

But seriously, why a plus sign inside a square? Why not an oblong marked ALARM?

The "+" has an association with numbers and your mod points affect a post's score. A thumbs up/down may have conveyed this more clearly , but then you run into issues with cultural interruptions of hand gestures(go ahead, thumbs up a middle eastern).

Comment Finder Blues (Score 1) 770

No major updates to Finder's functionality. Ugh!

Compared to Vista/Win 7's explorer, Finder is one of the areas I really find lacking, that and horrid mouse acceleration. In Windows 7 the folder tree navigator with a detail view is exactly what I need. I don't want to have to toggle between tree and details view just to get a decent look at my documents. I have reservations about Windows address bar's IE styling, but its functionality is spot on. Navigating back out of directories is a breeze and I always know where my folders are located on my drives. In contrast, breadcrumbs in osX are buried in text menus and the "Path" drop down menu is hidden by default.

Thankfully the $30 upgrade fee is very reasonable and I'm looking forward to having my bootcamp partition recognize my mac partition.

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