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Comment Re:Craigslist (Score 1) 244

Fair enough. I guess it's a matter of personal preference. I just meant that in comparison to sites like Facebook and Google that annoy me by constantly adding "features" that I didn't want and that get in my way, I appreciate the way Craigslist stays in the background for the most part. You're right about the flipside that they're too stubborn and could stand to make some genuine improvements for usability. But I do applaud them for the fact that they aren't constantly coming up with pointless new ideas just for the sake of squeezing more revenues out of their customers.

Comment Re:oration by Neil deGrasse Tyson (Score 2) 111

I love his passion.

I was in the audience at this event and this was probably the most popular session of the weekend. There were some restless murmurs in the crowd when Tyson didn't speak for several minutes at the start. He just stared straight ahead, but he soon made up for it.

I likened it to a scene from one of those kung fu movies where the master drinks quietly while a fight breaks out around him, before he suddenly jumps in and starts kicking ass.

Comment Re:Arbitrary eBook reading? (Score 1) 374

I've tried this and it works well. I have a bunch of plaintext files (that I typically convert to PDF using LaTeX). I pasted the text into some XHTML files, created an ePub by hand, and imported it to iTunes. It synced just fine to the iPad and looks very nice in iBooks.

I'm now working on putting together a little Perl script to automate this so I can generate an ePub every time I generate the PDF.

Comment Re:Other Similar Systems: Signal Pre-emption (Score 1) 380

Except that depending on traffic and circumstances, the emergency vehicle might then get stuck behind a bunch of cars at the red light, and it would take a few seconds at the very least (and probably a cascade of honking) before the driver at the head realizes what's going on and makes way.

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