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Comment Re:Bought This Turd Instead Of Valkyria Chronicles (Score 0) 137

While Valkyria Chronicles is a good Turn Based Tactics game, it's not even close to an RPG and is set in a very fairy tale like, anime, fantasy land with a story and character interaction that is 100% on rails. While FO3 isn't the deepest or most non-linear RP experience available, it offers magnitudes more in these departments than Valkyria Chronicles does, in addition to a much more gritty, post-apocalyptic setting. From an RP perspective Valkyria Chronicles is the very definition of braindead. Every conversation is a "press X to continue" type situation. The only decision you get to make in the development of your squad is what order to buy equipment and new levels for them. As mentioned the story is 100% episodic and the only choice you have in how it plays out is to not watch the cutscenes that are marked as optional. I like both games personally, but they have very little in common with each other. My opinion of FO3 probably would have been much different if I had bought it for PS3 though. Have had almost 0 issues with it on PC.

Comment Re:Mass Effect (Score 0) 82

Just draw/holster your weapon (can't remember which way this toggles, I got caught up in Guitar Hero and Rock Band so it's been a little over a month since I last played ME) and you can pan around your character to your heart's content w/ the right stick.

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