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Comment Re:What's the benefit (Score 1) 291

Try driving one... not for a block or two, I mean really drive one, and you'll see why they're so freaking awesome. Very few cars come close to being as responsive and communicative -- I bought mine 10 years ago and it still keeps impressing me. This is coming from a *driver* point of view... badge-whores need not apply.

Comment Re:The water will be gone (Score 1) 183

Sure it does.

If I'm reading this then:

a) I exist b) The event happened in my recent past.

That narrows it down to within a couple of dozen years from my point of view. That makes perfect sense to me.

So you don't understand cosmological terminology, then. "Now" means that whatever we see currently, regardless of how long ago it happened (i.e., regardless of distance), is occurring now.

Comment Re:Why are Libs so enamored with taxes? (Score 1) 623

And, even if it did, where does it say that the military must be the size that it is?

I agree that it could be substantially more efficient in spending its money (the military).

Conservatives love to talk about cutting government, however they always seem to conveniently forget to include the military in those cuts. It doesn't matter that we could halve the military budget and still be spending more than any other country. If we did that, we might actually be able to pay our firefighters and we'd also have enough left over to keep Social Security solvent and pay for universal health care like every other civilized nation on earth.

Sorry to sound harsh, but you should probably brush up on the complexity and reality of geopolitics before making an erroneous statement like that. Sorry I can't expand on that... it's too complex! But seriously, I don't feel like writing a book.

Comment Re:Why are Libs so enamored with taxes? (Score 1) 623

Bullshit. Plain and simple. Do you think Amazon gets to avoid VAT on European sales? I think the State of California should block amazon.com from DNS resolution on state owned DNS servers, and block amazon.com's IP address at state owned routers.

Wow, really? So then all States (except CA and NJ) should therefore block NewEgg, since they don't charge taxes outside those two States?

It's like nobody gets it -- interstate commerce is not regulated by individual States; it is not an out-of-State entity's responsibility to collect sales taxes for residents of a State they have no presence in. Also, Amazon (as well as every online retailer) pays State taxes for sales to State residents (e.g., WA) that they have a presence in.

Comment Re:Confront your accuser? (Score 1) 367

Which is exactly how it's done in my town. And you get sent a link to the video that you can review with your fine... just ask my wife. Why do the GP and GGP assume that it's not that way in LA?

Because it's not how it works in Cali (at least all of SoCal, and therefore the assumption that the enforcement/operation of these things being the same all over is proven false). Here, the images are electronically sent to San Diego. There they are reviewed by someone that works for the private company that manages the cameras. If you broke the red light law, regardless of the circumstances, you get a ticket mailed to the address of the plate.

Playing devil's advocate, I have seen the paper that gets sent, and regardless of what everyone says, the guy that got it deserved it -- it's very obvious that the light was already red as he approached the limit-line (the line before the crosswalk), which the camera sees and images, and you can see him clearly cross the crosswalk and go into the intersection, all while it was red.

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