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Submission + - Halo 3 AI Engineer Interviewed (

Sibko writes: "Max Dyckhoff, an AI engineer for the critically acclaimed Halo 3, does an interview with the Halo.Bungie.Org fansite on AI behavior in Halo 3. Ranging from how random seeds and determinism work with saved films, to the conditions present before a Grunt will go kamikaze.

HBO: Saved films SEEM to work a lot like Marathon saved films worked; keystrokes, or button pushes, or whatever, are captured, along with a starting random seed... and when the film is played back, these are fed to the engine again. I realize Halo's system is WAY more complicated than Marathon's was — but is this at least the BASIC idea of how it works?

Max: You are absolutely correct, and no, it's not way more complicated than Marathon's.



Submission + - Police Shut Down LAN Tournament

Sibko writes: "17 year old Zach Wigal, a Saline High School student, spent 9 months organizing a Halo 2 LAN tournament that was to be held on March 20th, spending $650 of his own money to help launch the event. He had talked to school officials, printed fliers to help advertise, and had parents and teachers agree to be chaperones. Everything was fine, until his father called the local police to inquire about the availability of a uniformed officer. This raised concerns with departmental community coordinator Ritchie Coleman who serves on the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the Parents TV Council.

"I'm not saying boycott the game, I just think that kids 17 and under playing an M-rated game for money is not something appropriate for the high school,'' Phillips said.
Due to the police involvement just four days prior to the event, it had to be shut down."

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