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Comment Even transiting in the US is an ordeal. (Score 0, Insightful) 457

It's just not worth the hassle. There are places in America I'd still quite like to visit, but I'm not going to bother. Being made to endure the insanity of US airport "security" processes is not acceptable to me, and I'm not alone: Aside from all the other people who have decided a US vacation isn't worth the effort, go ask American tourism operators how they feel about it all.

Comment fuck off seppo (Score -1) 204

are you worried because Oz is pushing you off the stage? maybe if you were'nt all a pack of morbidly obese bible bashers you would still be relivent. how do you expect to rule the world when you cant even see your fucking feet becuase of the huge rolls of blubber in the way? its good that you still worship fairies and goblins on sundays coz you'll have someone to talk to when the rest of the world stops giving a rats arse about the United Fat God Botherers of America and has turned to the United States of Australia for leadership and culture instead. oooo no it's happening allready!!!! poor seppo wankers! lol.

Comment Re:Pointless... (Score -1) 630

Adhering to atheism simply because one dislikes religion is no more rational or enlightened than adhering to any one religion.

I am not religious and dislike religion because religion and religious tenets has absolutely zero basis in fact and reality, yet a huge chunk of humanity chooses to devotes a lot of time to religion, while education and science struggle against it. Religious people desperately cling to the false hope that non-religious people "Hate us because they envy our God!", when in fact non-religious people despise the unwillingness of the religious to grow up and face reality.

Comment Not "Jews". (Score -1) 185

"Mossad". There's a difference. It's why so many non-Israeli Jews detest both Mossad and Israel. (Well, not necessarily Israel, but certainly the rabid Zionists that infest the place and give the rest of us a bad name.)

"So, you've just apprehended a bunch of Mossad agents in NYC while they were cheering and high-fiving as they watched those airliners hitting the Twin Towers? Quietly deport them and pretend the whole thing never happened.

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