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Comment Prosecute or Persecute? (Score 0) 471

Can someone please help us define "bullying"?

If you cant, then there sets the stage for the next Freedom of Speech Act.
What develops when you restrict freedoms using ambiguous wording such as bullying, is a serious violation of your freedom to express.

The only thing that will happen is that they will thoughtfully persecute and then prosecute anyone who posts messages that do not fit into the governing body's ideologies.

Best Buy Accused of Overcharging 301

An anonymous reader writes "Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has accused Best Buy of overcharging its customers. His accusation is that customers see one price on Best Buy's website, in stores salespeople would show them a different internal site from a kiosk. Best Buy denies the charges. 'Previously, the company confirmed that store employees have access to an internal Web site that looks nearly identical to the public BestBuy.com site, but the company's policy is always to offer customers the lowest quoted price unless it's specifically identified as a deal available only to online shoppers. Jerry Farrell Jr., Connecticut's consumer protection commissioner, said the lawsuit should be a warning to companies to be more transparent in their business practices.'"

Submission + - Linux Volume Encryption: TrueCrypt vs DM_Crypt

michuk writes: "Encrypting your data is the key to mobile security. PolishLinux.org has a couple of tutorials comparing DM_Crypt with TrueCrypt — two programs that can save your life when your computer gets lost or stolen. Find the differences between these two and encrypt your disk now! Tip: DM_Crypt better integrates with Linux kernel, but TrueCrypt works on Windows as well."

Submission + - Belgian post on strike due to a computer programme

An anonymous reader writes: BRUSSELS — All employees of De Post have gone on strike today. The strike is in response to frustration with Georoute 2, the computer programme that draws up postal routes. Postal workers based in the centre of Ghent have been on strike for over a week now to protest problems with the computer programme. The Trade unions and management met yesterday and if they do not find an satisfactory solution the strike may continue and cause more problems especially with the Belgian elections fast approaching. Source: http://www.xpats.com/

Submission + - Announcing Sony PSP Java client

DickyDick1969 writes: "Announcing the first PSP Graphic Java client. Ever wanted to play those mobile java games on your Sony PSP, or develop in your favorite OO language on your handheld? Now you can!!, based on the KVM and Java J2ME midp reference implementation I created PeeJay MIDP. With PeeJay you can enjoy mobile games amd other MIDP 2.0 complient J2ME applets (midlets) on your PSP. This first alpha version you can download for free at http://www.pimpware.org/ also home of the famous video PSP streamer PiMPStreamer!"

Submission + - Flood Manhattan like "An Inconvenient Truth

Leszek Pawlowicz writes: "If you saw the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", you might remember the animations showing the effects of sea level rise on Manhattan. I've come up with a way to match, and even surpass, those animations in Google Earth using free data and software. While the videos and the Google Earth KMZ file at the link are for Manhattan, same as the movie, you could create a similar high-spatial-resolution flooding animation for anywhere in the world, since I describe the creation process in mind-numbing detail. And unlike the movie, if you turn on the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth and view at an oblique angle, you can watch the water level rise up the side of buildings, and even cover them completely."

Submission + - Amp'd CEO: I'm not fired

Anonymous Coward writes: "Amp'd Mobile CEO Peter Adderton says he's not fired, despite Valleywag and other claiming he has been. Here's the story: http://www.pehub.com/wordpress/?p=1031 Reports of Peter Adderton's demise have been greatly exaggerated. In an exclusive interview with peHUB, the Amp'd Mobile CEO says that he remains in charge of the company, despite numerous blog reports suggesting otherwise (see here, here, here and my piece from this morning). He does, however, also acknowledge that the company is in the midst of conversations regarding its future strategic direction. "I know they're out there," Adderton says of the blog reports. "But I'm still CEO... I think there's a chance the company might put out a press release later today saying it officially." So why is there such rampant speculation? Because the internal conversations Adderton refers to are likely quite contentious. Amp'd has raised around $350 million in total VC funding, which means that its investors have more at stake than they would in a typical venture deal. Moreover, the board has swelled to around 20 people (including observers), which almost always devolves into cliques. Adderton obviously has his devotees — which include some Amp'd VCs whose original investments were largely based on Adderton's involvement — but also has detractors (including one executive who's been peddling the story that Adderton was fired). So the interesting question here isn't so much what becomes of Adderton, but rather what becomes of Amp'd. The company almost certainly will raise at least another $100 million in private equity of debt financing (perhaps more), but will first have to decide on a clear vision. For example, does it focus more on being a content provider or a carrier? Does it retain its market focus on the current MTV audience, or skew more cross-generational? These are just some of the many issues currently being hashed out by the Amp'd board. If Adderton's vision — whatever that is — wins out, then he stays on board as CEO. If it loses, this week's blog rumors will finally be validated."

Submission + - Two Music Industry Cowboys

An anonymous reader writes: There are two new sites that seem to be polar opposites, but both offer a little something worth mentioning. Textango offers bands a chance to sell their wares through text messaging. What makes this unique is that no credit card is involved in the purchase and everything is billed to the carrier. They aren't just selling no names either, Victory Records has some of their artists featured on there as well. On the flip side, SkreemR, the new audio search beta is picking up where Singingfish left off. Crawling blogs and giving you mp3s at your fingertips. SkreemR's results were quite impressive considering they've only been around for a month or so. The interface is simple but has a lot to offer adding links to YouTube and Facebook.

Submission + - Plug-In Hybrid Cars to hit Toronto by 2008

Adambomb writes: A recent story on CTV has brought to light a municipal partnership between the City of Toronto and Hymotion (an Ontario based company recently acquired by A123 Systems Inc. of Watertown, MA) to help ease fuel usage in the metropolis. The pilot project is expected to hit the roads with as many as 200 vehicles with a new Plug-In conversion to allow hybrid cars to be charged directly instead of relying primarily on engine power. CTV quotes Hymotion President Ricardo Bazzarella stating that the cars will be able to travel 100km of city driving with just 2.4 litres of gasoline (about 2/3rds of a gallon).

Submission + - Skype Worm leaps onto MSN, ICQ

An anonymous reader writes: From The Register: Malware miscreants have created the first worm targeting Skype that's also capable over other instant messaging networks, such as MSN and ICQ. The worm poses as a chat message linking to a website, as with other example of Skype-spreading malware before it. Although the main vector for infection is Skype, the malware also attempts to spread by punting messages across MSN and ICQ, according to an analysis of the malware by researchers at IM security firm FaceTime Communications.

Zune Team Getting Amnesty for iPod Use 303

MsManhattan writes "The Zune development team at Microsoft is apparently offering amnesty to employees who give up their iPods in favor of using the Zune MP3 player. An MSNBC employee has posted a photo on Flickr of the company's 'iPod Amnesty Bin,' which sports an image of a bitten green apple and the words 'Bite me.' Whether it's to be taken seriously or is a joke to boost employee morale is anyone's guess, and naturally no one at Microsoft was available for comment. From what can be seen in the photo, only a few early-model iPods have been deposited."

Submission + - New Release of Nero Software for Linux Users

NeroPhyte writes: "'The launch of Nero Linux 3 signifies our ongoing commitment to the passionate and devoted community of Linux users,' said Udo Eberlein, Chief Operating Officer, Nero AG. 'By combining innovative Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD data burning support with an ultra-intuitive user interface and a host of other advanced features, Nero Linux 3 is establishing a new dimension in burning technology for the Linux platform.'

Check out the rest of the official press release here"

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