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Comment Re:With all that China has done towards the US... (Score 3, Insightful) 58

China suppresses the response to its aggressions using passive aggressive tactics. Like someone bumps into you, that could be a fight, but instead they smile. And then the next time they see you, they bump into you again, and again they smile and pat you on the back. It gives you a weird feeling, but you aren't willing to start a fight over a misunderstanding. And yet again, it keeps happening. Then, emboldened by your lack of response, they tell you you bumped into them.

China uses human psychological manipulation tactics to suppress the normal response to their provocations. It's like the AIDS virus, they suppress the immune system's defensive response, and that's why it's successful. Until we see this for what it is. Until we turn around one day and bruise our knuckles on their face, with no remorse, it will continue to happen. That is a certainty. They are new to technology, but old to human manipulation like the above.

Luckily, humans have a natural defense against tactics like these. It's called rage. Our technology and philosophies will fail us here, we need to look into our humanity and use the tools we have.

Comment Re:One-way traffic (Score 1) 58

I agree with this. Thus far our efforts at doing it have failed. Why? Probably because of a combination of factors. A lot has to do with propaganda being spread online that we "need" them. I remember reading this as early as 2006. I was like "What? Why do we need a slave labor force for? We did just fine in the 1990s without them." But attempts to protest China seem to the neutral observer to be too much like Joe Nobody's personal movements "free tibet", "stop burning fossil fuels", "don't eat animals", that kind of thing. Of course it's so much more than that, and its an existential concern. But it rings hollow to the average person who doesn't know what we are up against. So I think we need to get a little more aggressive, and stop being passive in this respect. Not saying do anything bad but be very vocal and not in a way that reeks of cliche movements. We need not just passion, but anger. Anger that overcomes the attempts to suppress the immune system response. Anger that ignores psychological diversions such as cries of "racism", or "nationalism." Anger that breaks through it all and says I am not ashamed to want to fight back against China.

Comment Re:One-way traffic (Score 1) 58

We need to organize more protests and spread awareness of China's activities. One of the things China does (like a good sociopath) is they do things that are counterproductive to us, but then try to suppress our ability to respond. Whether with rhetoric and propaganda, or by people posting defeatist comments saying we "need" them or other such nonsense. It's like the AIDS virus, it disarms its host, and that is why its so successful. What we need is a suppression of the suppression.

Comment Re:One-way traffic (Score 1) 58

China is trying to use "human warfare" to overcome their technological gap with the United States. They know their zerg rush tactics are useless in modern warfare, so they are going for the dirty tricks to try to even the odds. Tricks such as political posturing, psychological warfare (bogus pro china comments everywhere), and evidently this -- an attempt to prevent our primary recourse to their hacking attacks. I think it's time that Americans decided to try some asymmetric warfare on China themselves. Because China's doing it, it's going unpunished, so what do we have to lose? I propose using legal and ethical means to do things that are counter productive to China. Cause mischief. Think back to when you were a kid, you could think of so many ways to cause mischief without breaking the law and avoiding confrontation in the process. China is playing this game currently, but we can play it too. What's saying we can't? I'll leave it up to clever minds to think of things to do. I know I can easily think of many. Think along the lines of harmless prank phone calls. One potential problem is that any sort of planning/organizing on the Internet would be exposed to Chinese infiltrators (much like the "apologists" who post here). So I'm thinking, the this is going to require in person meetings and it's going to be completely harmless fun. :D

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