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Comment Re:Make that one of two... (Score 2) 127

As the third (and probably final) owner of a WP7 on /., I have been extremely satisfied with the OS. Having played with my coworker's androids and iSheep, I wasn't impressed with the usability of those OSs. I know there are a ton of anti-microsoft fan boys here. But, the little bit of usage of mango I have seen has been nice. Let us 3 people enjoy our phones in peace. They work for us.

Comment I have been to both online and brick-n-mortar... (Score 1) 261

I will say that my experience has been FAR better online. After reading the comments, most people who are against online education have never taken an online course before. Talking without a real basis of knowledge or experience is typical here at /.

When I was at a traditional school, I could sit in the back of the classroom and not say a word. And, most people around me did just that. While listening to the professor drone for 50 minutes, there wasn't much time to ask questions or have open debates.

Fast forward to the 21st century....

I earned my MBA from an online school (accredited by a legitimate and respected accreditation body). The school required people to participate in discussions. It is irresponsible to suggest that you don't get human interaction from online schools. In fact, you get more of it. Occasionally, a student would say something really inaccurate. You get a chance to blast them. You hone your skills for developing critical thinking skills and logic. The other person hopefully learned something new.

There are all kinds of pros and cons for both sides of the educational spectrum. Online isn't for everyone. Brick-n-mortar isn't for everyone. And it is all ok. The point of all of it is to learn new ways of thinking, expanding your skill set, and improving your life personally and professionally.

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