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Comment Re:Makework (Score 1) 1140

That's a joke right? Without some major scientific breakthroughs, we are already well over the max sustainable population for the planet. For one, we feed the world with petrochemical fertilizers (limited resource). There should be a caveat in there somewhere; we can't sustain the current world population at the current standard of living. If we want to keep everyone around, we will seriously need to cut back on luxury goods. We will also have to carefully ration things like healthcare which is also a limited resource.

Comment Re:Elon Musk may meet his Waterloo here (Score 1) 330

How about we fix the legal system to prevent stupid lawsuits? Its not a "hands free" system, so why should we give any merit to the deaths of people to stupid to follow simple instructions and run themselves off of the road? I honestly feel this autopilot is doing the world a great service by culling the gene pool.

Comment Re:Easily destroyed or disabled (Score 1) 263

Rent-a-cops that work at parking lots, like in the story in question above, are absolutely not authorized to use any force of law beyond what the normal citizen has. In fact, they have less. Even if they have a CC, they cannot carry on the job and chasing a subject will almost certainly result in them being fired.

Comment Re:Easily destroyed or disabled (Score 4, Insightful) 263

From the article

Instead the robot can set off an alarm

Which is known as a deterrent. A quite good one at that.

As for better than a security guard, that remains to be seen. But between an overweight, mouth drooler with a can of pepper spray meandering a parking lot and a mobile recording device capable of blaring noise, flashing lights and bringing lots of unwanted attention, the latter seems better to me.

Just for starters, the latter has a perfect recall of the preceding events. Good luck getting the height or sex or anything useful from the security guards story.

Comment Re:Easily destroyed or disabled (Score 1) 263

Really? "Security guards" are just put there as a deterrent. Most people in that line of work are on the low side of 80 IQ with no ambition or skills. This is a position that could easily be automated and improved upon in the process. I have no idea how it wasn't done sooner.

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