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Comment Re:But outsourcing is wonderful! (Score 1) 245

Seems like you are stretching for an excuse to hate on libertarianism. The key difference between a private company and a government pissing away money and man hours is one is using their own money and the other is using the tax payer's money (I'm lumping government contractors in with the government in that case).

The government is notorious for having so many layers of crap bureaucracy. Many companies do as well but when someone like HP waists money internally, who cares? They are a failing business anyways. When HP waists government money, however, then they are just as bad as the government squandering money.

Comment Re:Guns (Score 1) 191

Guns are the wrong point of focus for most gun violence, but it's an easy scapegoat. If you really want to reduce gun violence, legalize the drug trade and increase mental health and drug rehabilitation budgets. There is evidence to back up both of those polices as having a positive impact on gun violence. There is no evidence to support that stricter gun laws in the U.S. reduce gun violence.

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