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Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 4, Insightful) 1165

Norway, at the top of the list is misleading. In fact, many of the others are also misleading. This list includes years 2009 to 2013. At the top are countries with just 1 or 2 incidences, but not large populations. Expanding out the years and you find in many cases no more incidences. Apply some statistics and you will find with just 1 incidence and no others over more years just does not support the thesis of the linked article. It is not stastically significant. What might appear true over a small data range is often shown to be untrue over a larger data range.

Comment Re: there is no (Score 1) 411

Did you read from the link you posted? Where does it show that 'snow would be a distant memory'? Viner is talking about a very specific location. And he provided data to show the number of snowfall days there has gone down. In fact your link supports what Beck_Neard is arguing.

Comment Re:Stop throwing good money after bad. (Score 1) 364

Imagine, if instead of putting all their eggs into the F35, a large sum of funds went to a new version of the F18. Could this plane serve many roles, much cheaper and perhaps far better? We could use the remaining funds to build one or more specialized planes for any other needs. Furthermore, with the advancement of drones, better missiles, and possible within the next decade or so space planes/drones, just how effective will the F35 actually turn out to be?

The very fact that we are in the position of debating if there "IS NO OTHER OPTION" is a fail.

Comment Re:"Clues about climate change"? (Score 4, Insightful) 99

"but people like you really need to stop pretending you can keep the planet exactly like it is forever. All that will happen if you try is your death at the hands of your own starvation."

Many well informed people would argue the exact opposite is true. The environment is changing, not despite us, but in fact because of us. Right now the world should be in a period of environmental stability. Instead we are seeing easily measured change. Furthermore, in many cases we can measure how this change is causing our own death. Just take a look at the pollution issues in China right now. Also take a look at how bad the smog was in Los Angeles a few decades ago. Without effort the air in and around Los Angeles would be unsafe causing many heath problems, heavy economic loss and early death.

Local change is easy to track. Global change is more difficult to track and not as visible to individuals. Here too we have example of what we can do. One well studied example is the hole in the ozone. We found it. We studied it. We changed our behavior. And now it is getting better.

Comment Re:damn, i was hoping HTC would die off (Score 1) 179

Where are you reading this? From your own source *Top Six Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems, Shipments, and Market Share, Q3 2012 (Preliminary) (Units in Millions) :
3Q12 Shipments 26.9
3Q12 Market Share14.9%
3Q11 Shipments 17.1
3Q11 Market Share13.8%
Year-Over-Year Change 57.3%

That is an increase from 13.8 to 14.9%. Not a decrease.

Comment Re:MS not in Gang of Four.. then neither is Facebo (Score 1) 398

Revenue and Headcount Last updated: June 30, 2012 Headcount & Revenue Growth Microsoft's worldwide headcount and revenue growth for the past 10 fiscal yearsare summarized below (click headings to sort): Fiscal Year Ending Head Count Net Revenue (US$) Growth Net Income (US$) Growth
June 30, 2012** 94,290 $74.30B 6% $23.60B 5%
June 30, 2011 90,412 $69.94B 13% $23.15B 23%
June 30, 2010 88,596 $62.48B 7% $18.76B 29%
June 30, 2009 92,736 $58.44B -3% $14.57B -18%
June 30, 2008 91,259 $60.42B 18% $17.68B 26%
June 30, 2007 78,565 $51.12B 15% $14.07B 12%
June 30, 2006 71,172 $44.28B 11% $12.60B 3%
June 30, 2005 61,000 $39.79B 8% $12.25B 50%
June 30, 2004 57,086 $36.84B 14% $8.17B 8%
June 30, 2003* 54,468 $32.19B 13% $7.53B 29%
* Fiscal year 2003 results have been restated to reflect the retroactive adoption of SFAS 123, Accounting for Stock Based Compensation. ** Fiscal year 2012 results are adjusted for Windows Upgrade Offer deferral and goodwill impairment charge.

Comment Re:I visited the National Ignition Facility this y (Score 1) 543

Any contractor can be given a 'Cause letter' that basically states they are getting terminated due to failure on the contractors part. This can and will have a huge negative affect on future contracts that the contrator bids on. It is up to government officials to ensure contractors are doing their jobs.

Comment Re:What does that have to do with anything? (Score 1) 568

Energy does not have to be produced 24/7, 365 days a year. A smarter grid should be able to compensate for a local lack of power generation. For instance, if every home, or perhaps just at a block level, had a fuel cell then there can be local power without local generation. This has the positive side affect of to provide some power even when some event cuts distribution upstream.

The intent of the article was more to demonstrate the growth in solar power generation over a short period of time and less about an analysis of direct or indirect costs. To see what was achieved really is impressive.

Clearly this was done without bankrupting Germany. Also, clearly Germany has maintained a base of operating nuclear plants. And finally this issue of how to provide power is one without a black and white answer. I think we should keeps both our minds and our options open. If I was the one charged with making an energy strategy I would invest heavily in new technologies and maintain a diverse operation of proven supplies. On that note, i can add this: Hopefully those in charge have more know how than I.

Comment Re:Not only that... (Score 1) 569

China actually does not have a huge ICBM threat. The best they can hope to do is some serious damage. They come nowhere near being able to stop a far more deadly counter strike. We are at more risk from a large earthquake and\or title wave on the west coast.

Even without a counter strike China would not launch ICBMs at us. They both need and want us as trading partners. Plus nuclear fallout from any large scale strike would be a downer would wide.

Comment Re:Toddler Groping is Better than Rand Paul (Score 1) 1051

We have improved auto safety a lot in the U.S. over the last 20 or 30 years. However we could do much, much more. If we took all the money from tsa and put that into safer roads how many lives would it save? For example, not to far from where I live there is an interchange that once was without guard rails. Around 1999 a new driver lost control, went of the road, hit a tree and died. Based on road conditions and volumn of traffic the stretch did not qualify for funding to get guard rails. 5 years later another new driver also went off the road in the exact same place. Hit a tree and died. Now, based on higher volumn, the road qualifies for and does have guard rails. With more money the thresh hold for funding for that safety feature could have been reached earlier and lives saved.

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