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Comment Re:Which one is the best and stable for WRT54GL v1 (Score 1) 257

I've been using Tomato on my WRTGL v1.1 For at least two years now, and It was very much install, configure, forget. QoS works great, and it manages my 40mbps connection with some trouble. (notably, It piles up if you saturate the link at 40mbps for a few days requiring a 30-30-30 reset) Even so, it's infinitely better than the stock firmware.

Comment Re:How about heating and airconditioning? (Score 1) 324

Correct burn rates require specific and constant pressures. in this case, most north american heating equipment takes gas at 4" w.c pressure, using that as a baseline, it's possible to very precisely control the burn rate, efficiency, and heating value/hr. adjust the pressure even half an inch and you can burn out equipment, melt heat exchangers, run carbonizing or aerated flames, produce CO, etc. That said, i've probably just been trolled.

Comment Re:How about heating and airconditioning? (Score 1) 324

The distribution method used for natural gas is no doubt more efficient than that of heating oil, but the amount of energy used to keep the pipes pressurised is hardly tiny. Being a gasfitter, I've had reason to be in the distribution buildings, and there is some heavy equipment in there. they pump the gas around, using large, powerful positive displacement gas pumps. the one in my relatively small city contains three of these pumps to serve a population of 13,000, and they're connected with 40 amp disconnects, suggesting an average load of ~25A. they're also three phase, which means a lower amperage for the wattage. and they run 24/7. unfortunately, I forget the math for converting amperages to wattage with three phase loads.

Comment Re:Reminds me of broadband internet in the beginni (Score 1) 479

Carbon is not the entire problem. everyone is worried about carbon, because carbon supposedly adds heat to the earth. Carbon keeps heat here. that's all it does. the problem is the waste heat generated by the first world nations. stop and think about the amount of waste heat our society produces on a day to day basis. on average a set of brakes on a single car will heat up and then dissipate off up to 200C of heat several times a day. a Coal plant will discard 20% of it's output AT LEAST in waste heat all day. and in this nation we have several 300MW and larger coal plants. I live and work in a city with two of them. when the heat exchange tower for the newer, more modern, ahem, clean coal plant activates (it's a steam bed, basically, four basins 20m in diameter that discharge waste heat as steam into the atmosphere. Saskpower Shand Generation station, if you're interested) the greenhouse, more than a km away, routinely has the temperature outside raise by up to 5C on a -40C day.

Accumulation of waste heat in the biosphere is the root cause of global warming. carbon dioxide only makes it worse by lessening the extent to which the earth is capable of radiating her heat load off into space. Wind helps with this, because Capturing the wind robs the biosphere of energy, which in this case is generated by heat. convection drives the wind, heat drives convection. Wind is not the solution, but it's a far better one than nuclear which again just adds more energy and therefore waste heat to the environment. the end result of every joule of electricity generated on earth today is waste heat. every last joule. we need to start taking some of that energy back out of the environment, whether by capturing it with solar cells (well, not capturing our heat, but removing some measure of the new heat the sun adds), harvesting it's result with wind generators, and perhaps invest more in some thermovaltic solutions to harvest heat from the ocean as electricity.

Comment Re:Anyone else think.. (Score 1) 311

What they need to do is strap a good coverage-net of accelerometers to his body, to collect some very useful data. for science, and all that. accelerometers are very cheap thanks to the nintendo wii, and what can be learned about the motion of a transonic human body will undoubtedly be of use to somebody, even if this man dies and they use the data to make sure the second attempt succeeds.

Ted Dziuba Says, "I Don't Code In My Free Time" 619

theodp writes "When he gets some free time away from his gigs at startup Milo and The Register, you won't catch Ted Dziuba doing any recreational programming. And he wouldn't want to work for a company that doesn't hire those who don't code in their spare time. 'You know what's more awesome than spending my Saturday afternoon learning Haskell by hacking away at a few Project Euler problems?' asks Dziuba. 'F***, ANYTHING.'"

Comment I don't think that means what you think it means. (Score 4, Informative) 221

As a an air-conditioning technician, I work in peoples homes, typically six or more a day. From my own admittedly anecdotal experience, the percentage of my customers who have an HDTV set in the livingroom is quite close to 100. That being said, the "hardcore" "core gamer" markets are often teenaged males who happen to have the family's old set in their bedroom with the console connected to it. I'd argue that the percentage of casual gamers that play using an HDTV is higher than that of the "Hardcore" Gamers.

Comment Re:What's the issue here? (Score 1) 1016

There are limits to that. You can own and modify a coat hangar all you like until you create a tool to unlock car doors with it, at which point it becomes illegal to posses, with good reason.

I agree that people should be able to modify their own hardware however they like, but with that comes the responsiblity for those modifications. this case goes beyond that in that he was modifying hardware commercially for other people, where he was aware that the majority of his customers were using his service to enable the theft of game software. it's morally grey right up until you realize that us as geeks are pretty much the ONLY people who're going to use modified hardware for good means. we mod for XBMC, regular students and youth mod so they don't have to pay for software.

The law that they are prosecuting on is a bad law. I agree. They should have to prove that his hardware modifications were used to steal software and that he was aware or perhaps advertised that this is what you could do and will do with these modifications. prosecute on the basis that he's a copyright thief instead of the basis that he circumvented protection measures. when the DMCA was introduced it was stated they weren't going to use this law this way, now they have. this a bad thing, I agree. this man is still a thief and should be treated as such.

Comment What's the issue here? (Score 0) 1016

I agree that it's not a guarantee that every system was used to run pirated copies of games. I have friends who have an old hacked xbox and all it does is run XBMC. but in all likelihood they were stealing software. this man knew what he was doing and for the majority of his customers that was providing a means to steal console games. he may not have provided the isos, but his work is the critical step in enabling piracy on a console. this is far less of a moral grey area than downloading is.
PC Games (Games)

Is Cataclysm the Next World of Warcraft Expansion? 259

ajs writes "There has been no official announcement yet, but a number of moves by Blizzard Entertainment seem to indicate that the next expansion for World of Warcraft could be titled Cataclysm. Speculation began when Blizzard trademarked Cataclysm recently, and then later when a test server briefly popped up with the word 'Maelstrom' in its name. If true, the name would fall neatly into the WoW lore and expected expansion list. The Cataclysm is another name for the Great Sundering, an event that created a swirling vortex of water and mystical energies (the 'Maelstrom') that has appeared on the world map in-game since release. There are also indications that early design work included some of the islands in this area, which has long fueled anticipation of a Maelstrom-based expansion involving the former Night Elf noble, Azshara, queen of the Naga and the Goblins whose main city is in the south seas."

Comment Re:obPublic Service Announcement (Score 1) 328

You're right about fat, but for the wrong reasons. the easiest calorie to turn into fat is a simple carbohydrate, sugar, or white bread, etc. Fat has to be converted into energy and back into fat to be stored. The right fats in your diet are beneficial because you need fat in your diet to produce body-regulating hormones.

Comment Re:obPublic Service Announcement (Score 1) 328

Running is one method, and a good one. I lift weights. Lifting weights increases your metabolic rate, makes you stronger, and is generally more intense than a run and therefore takes less of your day. My weight training sessions take about 45m three times a week, and that, combined with a proper 40/30/30 (40% protien, 30 fat, 30 carbs) Diet rich in vegetables and the right fats (for healthier hormone levels) I've been able to control my figure, if not my weight. I was going to be a big man, one way or another, I just chose the configuration. And yeah, I was the fat geek, now I'm just "that geek on steriods" which of course is not true. But like with anything else that takes effort to attain, everyone is going to assume you took the shortcut. I take it as a compliment, and politely correct them. (was 315lbs, 6'0", 40%+ bodyfat. now am 225lbs, 14% bodyfat.) We're both extreme sides of the same goal. the best method is somewhere between the two, but diet is key. Run, lift weights, eat plenty of protien, and make sure you're eating the right foods. Lifting weights gives you margin for error, instead of any excess calories going immediately to fat, they have the option instead of going to repair damaged muscle tissue from working out.

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