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Comment Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 3, Interesting) 331

The director of Starship Troopers didn't read more than two chapters of the book, and had no intention of a faithful adaptation. With any luck, the people involved might actually read the book and manage to get past the premise that the Earth can't make enough food to feed itself and therefore the Moon must be farmed.

Comment Slave Jewelry (Score 1) 264

Unless it's recognized that all your personally owned sensors cannot be used against you in court you have to realize that the laws you violate routinely are now being recorded by your electronic minions for anyone with a faked warrant or excuse to peruse. In the morning after your drunken spy-gadget buying frenzy, enjoy the perp-walk of shame to your personal gitmo.

Comment Re:doesn't work (Score 2) 597

The customer has just as much of a right to experiment and be wrong about things as the developers do, but they can be trusted to say what is most important to them at the time.

The theory is that if you are always delivering what is most valuable as fast as possible, you are getting a better result in the short run, and will probably be just as good as rigorous design up front in the long term.

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