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Submission + - Search in only 2 steps (

Jim Sims writes: "Search from any application with, Google or Spotlight in only two steps

Simple, useful search tool for OS X users which increases productivity — eliminating steps is sound ergonomics.

Valletta, Malta — July 28, 2007 — ClipaTools Ltd., developer of innovative software announces the launch of ClipaSearch Lite, a time saving search tool which performs a web search in only two steps from any application running on OS X. The user only needs to highlight text, then move the mouse cursor to a hotspot to perform either a Google or OS X Spotlight search.

"I research items in Word documents and Adobe Acrobat Reader files sent by Windows users all day long. ClipaSearch has quickly become my favorite research tool, enabling me to work more quickly and efficiently, with optimal ergonomics" reports C. Mifsud, archaeological researcher.

"As a software developer, I often research code and techniques in archived lists. With ClipaSearch I highlight code in my development editor and with one movement of the cursor I immediately have the information I need" explained Jim Sims, founder of ClipaTools. "This is the first stage in the development of this technology. We will have a professional version available very soon. Researchers of all kinds will be very pleased with this system."

ClipaSearch also includes features for searching forty-eight individual web services, including iTunes, Wikipedia, Apple Support, and others, along with a text input device. We include a button that searches

About ClipaTools
ClipaTools focuses on developing innovative software for Macintosh and WIndows platforms which feature ease of use and productivity.

Available immediately as a Universal Binary application and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.
Download from:

Jim Sims

We include a graphic in the image player on the left of the application. We will display ten images (OWC, TidBITS, Clusty, and more) in a rotation every time a search is performed."


Pro Gaming Network Television Coverage Begins Sunday 92

The New York Times has an article on a first for pro gamers: network television coverage of a match. Sunday at noon EDT CBS Sports will be airing coverage of the World Series of Videogames. Events will include Guitar Hero II, Fight Night and World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena combat. The article explores some of the challenges of making gaming understandable on television: "The dollars are already quite mainstream. Americans bought about $13 billion worth of video game systems and software last year, more than they spent at the film box office (around $10 billion). Advertisers for Sunday's broadcast include KFC, Intel and the Marines. But for gaming to make it as a major-network TV sport, the big hurdle will be translating a medium that is by its nature meant to be experienced firsthand into a compelling hands-off spectator experience. It is a task that in some ways is no less daunting than that of the early baseball television producers who eventually realized that a camera way out in center field would provide the best view of pitches." Update: 07/28 23:19 GMT by Z : Fixed day of the weekend the show is on.

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