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Comment Re:I don't see the dificulty (Score 1) 369

Wait, did you say that the recent elections in Ecuador elected a president who said one of his first priorities would be to kick that etiolated freeloader out of the embassy? I wonder if they'll throw him from the balcony and see which police force catches him?

That would be an alternate fact; in the real world Guillermo Lasso was the losing candidate.

Comment Re:Uhh (Score 1) 321

So what about Asia? Biggest of them all? Is that also smaller on this new, slightly PC-ish projection?

The Peters projection should preserve area, so they should all be correct. The problem is that it has other distortions, which is why it's not a huge favourite with cartographers. Unfortunately, given a choice between Mercator and Peters, folks went for the slightly PC Peters.

As for it being new, it may be new in American schools but the argument has been rumbling for thirty years or more.

Comment Re:What is up with these people? (Score 2) 42

WTF is wrong with people who put money into Kickstarter, Indiegogo or whatever?

Surely the deal is clear enough. You put your money into a speculative venture. Development and/or manufacture of a thing that does not exist yet. It may come to fruition or it may not.

Why on Earth are they kicking like infants when it all fails?

Normally I would agree with you: sometimes a project burns through all the cash before getting a working product and then they go silent whilst they scrabble around trying to salvage something. However, they don't usually then have the money to burn on lawyers to try to keep the story under wraps. That does smell bad, and they deserve to get Streisanded all over the net for that, at least.

Comment Re:Not in 2017 (Score 2) 241

You should ALWAYS have returned it as defective, regardless of what the manufacturer reckons; depending on your local consumer protection laws, of course.

You would never expect to roll a new car off the lot with a flat tyre. Why would you expect a screen to be ok when the main part is glaringly defective? .

The short answer is there an ISO standard, ISO 13406-2 for LCD displays; pretty much every display is sold as a class II. A guaranteed defect free display (class I) is a premium product. Shops have sold 'seconds', products with minor imperfections since forever.

So, especially back when defects were relatively common, I reckon your case is fairly thin, although jurisdictions will vary. Now, when expectations are higher, maybe that's changed.

Comment Re:The owner should be liable (Score 1) 250

The problem with the owner being liable is that if a self-driving car does serious injury to someone else then most people won't be able to afford to pay; then the burden will end up on the taxpayer.

The important thing is that whether you are driving a self-driving car or not, you carry valid liability insurance. Then it's up to the market to decide what to price the insurance premiums at.

Comment Re:Don't treat people who are very sick (opposite (Score 1) 196

So the most reliable, and most obvious way for a doctor to increase their rating is to try to avoid treating patients the who are in poor health - exactly the opposite of what we want doctors to do.

shilly addressed this point in the parent post. Crudely looking at success rates, and over-incentivising them is bad. Not collecting the data because it is liable to misinterpretation is not the solution, however. There are huge benefits in clinical outcomes available by using these metrics sensibly; even some counterintuitive things like closing some regional units - because they saw the trickier cases too rarely to keep their clinical skills up to date.

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