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Comment Re:Almost seems destiny (Score 5, Insightful) 406

It has the largest population, the largest military and the largest industry. It's busy making strategic investments around the world and territorial claims. It's investing huge sums on science and engineering to make up for any technological lag.

I wouldn't like to bet against China being the dominant world power by the end of the century, whether I like it or not. Mostly not.

Comment Re:What do UK, USA, Aus, NZ, Can have in common? (Score 1) 99

All 5eyes countries have moved to a more extreme surveillance regime over time.

Take Theresa May, she was Home Secretary. For quite a while only women would be made Home Secretary, and we didn't know why.

I know why only women were made home secretary; it's because you are delusional. Before Theresa May only one out of the last hundred or so home secretaries was a woman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:Or...it could fall to $100 (Score 1) 255

If you feel that way, go ahead and short the price of bitcoin.

That's missing the point: whether the price of Bitcoin is going to go up or down, the article is still spam. There are plenty of places you can go on the internet if you want to read [random person] says [random thing] is over|under valued articles.

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 133

The company did nothing wrong - Prugar is an asshole who deserved what he got. If you think that he suddenly developed an attitude problem and a complete lack of professional integrity after he got fired without cause, then Occam's razor says you're wrong.

And, no a job isn't purely about personal productivity. As a sysadmin you need to document the fuck out of things, and nurture your team so they can handle things without you being around 24/7, because shit happens. If you have a sysadmin that doesn't do these things you need to fire them as fast as possible, whilst your company still has a chance of getting over it.

If you've been treated badly by big corporations for being a bit different then I can sympathise with that. Identifying with a jerk who put his company out of business because he couldn't walk away, not so much.

Comment Re:Economic theories (Score 1) 468

I must say that I was staggered to be in almost complete agreement with Okian Warrior. However, on reflection I think that was Hawking's point. It's easy to dismiss populist movements (of the left or right) as being short sighted; however, the sad truth is that the 'business as usual' alternatives aren't a whole lot (if at all) better.

We are in for some profound changes in society in the next few decades, and I don't think in the end the individual personalities will make a whole load of difference. Hopefully we will come through it into some better future (whatever that is) but it's going to be a hell of a ride.


ESA: European Mars Lander Crash Caused By 1-Second Glitch (space.com) 110

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Space.com: The European Space Agency (ESA) on Nov. 23 said its Schiaparelli lander's crash landing on Mars on Oct. 19 followed an unexplained saturation of its inertial measurement unit (IMU), which delivered bad data to the lander's computer and forced a premature release of its parachute. Polluted by the IMU data, the lander's computer apparently thought it had either already landed or was just about to land. The parachute system was released, the braking thrusters were fired only briefly and the on-ground systems were activated. Instead of being on the ground, Schiaparelli was still 2.3 miles (3.7 kilometers) above the Mars surface. It crashed, but not before delivering what ESA officials say is a wealth of data on entry into the Mars atmosphere, the functioning and release of the heat shield and the deployment of the parachute -- all of which went according to plan. In its Nov. 23 statement, ESA said the saturation reading from Schiaparelli's inertial measurement unit lasted only a second but was enough to play havoc with the navigation system. ESA said the sequence of events "has been clearly reproduced in computer simulations of the control system's response to the erroneous information." ESA's director of human spaceflight and robotic exploration, David Parker, said in a statement that ExoMars teams are still sifting through the voluminous data harvest from the Schiaparelli mission, and that an external, independent board of inquiry, now being created, would release a final report in early 2017.

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