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Comment Re: While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 656

Does it hurt me? Does it hurt themselves? Does it hurt other people/things? Are all involved able to consent?

If the answer is no to all but the last of these, people should tolerate or at least ignore what goes on with their private practices. Nobody is a victim until they can't or don't consent, or serious injury occurs.

Comment Re:first (Score 1) 188

I'm pretty sure that lawyers aren't cheap. Maybe I am wrong in saying that they could use their staff of coders to fix this problem, or if necessary buy a security audit and assistance, but I'm pretty sure either would be cheaper than lawyers. Data breaches are also far more expensive than all of those, pushing millions of dollars in recovery costs.

Comment Re:Black holes of pure evil merge (Score 1) 93

The result can't be good.

Microsoft, .NET, and Google? If they can somehow rope Oracle into the mix, they'd have the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse approach.

War: Oracle, for suing nonstop.
Famine: Google, for never being able to satisfy themselves by making/buying services (eating) then abandoning them.
Pestilence: Microsoft, for being ubiquitous and spreading itself like a plague.
Death: Adobe, for killing off it's suite and making it a yearly subscription, and for having a death cliff learning curve second only to Dwarf Fortress.

Submission + - Virgin Media censors talk of "bufferbloat" on their discussion forums (

mtaht writes: Given that bufferbloat is now fixed by fq_codel and the sqm-scripts for anyone that cares to install openwrt and derivatives on their home routers (or use any random linux box for the job), AND standardization efforts for the relevant algorithms near completion in the IETF, I went and posted a short, helpful message about how to fix it on a bufferbloat-related thread on Virgin Media's cable modems... And they deleted the post, and banned my IP... for "advertising". I know I could post again via another IP, and try to get them to correct their mistake, but it is WAY more fun to try to annoy them into more publically acknowledging their enormous bufferbloat problems and to release a schedule for their fixes. Naturally I figured the members of slashdot could help out Virgin and their customers understand their bufferbloat problems better. My explanations of how they can fix their bufferbloat, are now, here.

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