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Comment Re:Knowing more than parents... (Score 1) 307

I'm of the opinion now that people born between 1975 and, from what I can tell, 1991 are a special segment of self-initiatied technically-midned people. At least, a sizable minority of us. I simply do not see the same characteristics in people born after.

Bullcrap. The time period you were born in has nothing to do with your innate drive to learn and accomplish cool things. I was born in 1994, started experimenting with computers when I was 8, learned ANSI C when I was 12, and now I'm a bored college student who writes 3D game engines for fun. I've always been filled with a passion to learn new things about computers, and I will never stop trying to accomplish things that are awesome. I am ambitious.

Contrast with my older brother, who was born in 1990 - well within your special birth year requirement - but who is exactly like your 11 year old son. He is not unintelligent by any means, but he is lazy and lacks any sort of drive whatsoever. He can figure complex things out from sheer boredom, but nothing but the most mindless pursuits seem to capture his attention for very long. It took him three years to get a two year degree at a community college, and he's been through a dozen different jobs in that timespan. He has a small future to speak of, and doesn't seem to particularly care - save for the fact that he knows he won't ever really get everything he wants.

I don't really care whether or not I've convinced you that you're wrong. I just wanted to say it. I have a mind to develop great things one day - you just wait.

Comment Internet access is not a right. Nevertheless... (Score 3, Insightful) 480

Internet access isn't a human right. Nevertheless, the internet is an incredibly important tool used by all modern nations of the world. To that end, internet access should be treated as just another facet of the basic infrastructure of any modern nation. Basically, internet access ought to be treated as a postal system or the highways: it's so important to the survival of any nation, economically and militarily, that the government should regulate it and allow citizens to use it as a public system. As it is, internet access in modern America is what the railroad companies were during 19th century America: they are owned by huge, ultra competitive corporations, whose economic fights are doing more harm than good to the nation.

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