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Comment As per IRL. (Score 1) 477

If I want to rise to it, I may respond in kind - dependant on the netiquette of the site I'm on, stickies in the forum, if I'm a regular, my mood, if I'm bored and fancy some lulz, or any other number of complex reasons. There's no "single" good reason to respond. It depends on a complex matrix of factors.

Alternatively, if I can't be assed to respond, I'll ignore the comment and move on with my day.

Comment "augmenting human performance" (Score 1) 169

Well, yeah. A scientist would look at AI and say "I'm not really convinced this will replace people any time soon. View it more as a way of augmenting existing workers."

It'll be the bean counters that then extend this to "Hang on, isn't that basically doing what a worker does? Why do we need the worker...?"

Comment Re:Dramatic contemporary issues (Score 4, Insightful) 164

And here, I suspect, you hit the nail on the head - that not all "social justice" is equal.

A person may look at old Trek exploring themes of interracial relationships, homosexuality, racism, sexism, and say "Superb work. I'm delighted to see this being explored".

And yet, the same person may well turn around and say "Facebook allows for 71 genders - hm. This seems a little odd to me".

If it's the kind of social justice that explores the former issues, I'm sure many people will welcome it.

If it's the kind that explores the latter, I'm sure you will welcome it.

Comment It's "almost" the future I wanted. (Score 1) 62

If it was simply "My user has put keys down at X,Y,Z. Store this data somewhere this side of their router", I'd love it.

Whereas I kinda suspect it's going to be "My user has put keys down at X, Y, Z. They appear to be keys for a Ford Mondeo. Possibly the 2014 model. Store this data on the Microsoft servers for data mining. Provide access to every damn Government agency around the world."

Comment Source? (Score 1) 442

Articles from the Mirror and the Guardian - both pro Remain, suggesting the end of days is coming?

Don't get me wrong - I'm a Leave voter who's aware there will be complications and financial issues ahead. But this is like citing the New York Times for their balanced views on Trump.

Comment Re:Traitors. (Score 1) 442

Posting from rural Shropshire - 10 miles from the nearest town.

We've got 78 Mbps BT Infinity FttC, too.

There's still spots in the UK with poor / no broadband, but it's improving due to an investment program.

We're not rolling around in a golden age; there's plenty of problems with home pricing, homelessness, and the like. But we're also not a failing economy, with 1MBit down. That's complete crap.

Submission + - Wikipedia Disappears True Identity of UVA Rape Hoaxer Jackie Coakley 1

cpaglee writes: After nearly driving an editor to contemplate suicide the Wikipedia editorial community continues to practice extreme censorship by disappearing all references to UVA Rape Hoaxer Jackie's last name even though it shows up in the top 3 search results for every major search engine. On July 3 anonymous Wikipedia editor Permstrump removed 2,098 characters from the article, in addition to destroying all records of previous edits so

Comment As an mid-old-time poster, who'd stopped visiting (Score 1) 1310

Seems I stopped visiting around 2 years ago... but I've been reading a lot more, recently.

/. seems to have mostly escaped the "can't allow wrong-think" that's hit a lot of the other big sites - and that itself is enough to bring me back.

As a regular user back then, I'd say it'd be awesome to see some stability return, no "We've got a sexy new UI to roll out / THE GOGGLES THEY DO NOTHING!", and just focus on giving the ancient nerds of the net a lovely place for our eventual retirement homes.

Submission + - Google CENSORS Adrian Crenshaw. Operation-Irongeek fights back... #opirongeek 2

richi writes: Google massively raised the ire of the infosec community yesterday. Its utterly-reliable YouTube moderators nuked the account of the infamous Irongeek (Adrian Crenshaw). It surely couldn't have been a simple false-positive mistake, right? Because Google says it already "reviewed" the "repeated or severe violations" that led to the censorship.

So, that's all right then. No evil done here. Move along.

Why Improbable Things Really Aren't 166

First time accepted submitter sixoh1 writes "Scientific American has an excellent summary of a new book 'The Improbabilty Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day' by David J. Hand. The summary offers a quick way to relate statistical math (something that's really hard to intuit) to our daily experiences with unlikely events. The simple equations here make it easier to understand that improbable things really are not so improbable, which Hand call the 'Improbability Principle:' 'How can a huge number of opportunities occur without people realizing they are there? The law of combinations, a related strand of the Improbability Principle, points the way. It says: the number of combinations of interacting elements increases exponentially with the number of elements. The 'birthday problem' is a well-known example. Now if only we could harness this to make an infinite improbability drive!"

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