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Comment Re:NCIS (Score 1) 1200

But one of the best and most recent scenes is when Gibbs (Mark Harmon character) is going through a maze and the geek (nicknamed "probie" - forget his name) is walking him through a map to find a "mainframe" to shut down a bomb or something and says something like - "it's like a video game". Then Gibbs discovers the mainframe room and probie is going to talk him through the shutdown sequence for a Unix system. Cut to probie and he is calling out "Gibbs?!?, Gibbs?!?" because all he heard is gunfire.

Cut back to Gibbs and they show the results of him emptying his pistol into the multiple displays and machines.

Comment Re:What about "use it or lose it"? (Score 1) 283

Umm.. this is the same way that large corporations work. I think it is just a fact of life working in a large bureaucratic organization.

Coincidentally, if you are in a large bureaucratic organization that is also an IT company, then you see a large uptick in sales in 4Q (Oct-Dec) pretty much because of this fact.

I have never understood it, but the way to embrace it is to plan the budget to be *over* what you received and for valuable work. I'm not talking about spending it for the sake of spending - but planning your actual work (and spend) out and on purpose overspend it (go in the red) to get more done because there is bound to be some other schlump that didn't spend it - and that will cover your overage.

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