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Comment You're the product (Score 1) 982

Look Microsoft is not giving Windows 10 away for free and foisting it on everyone for no good reason. You are the product in Windows 10. They are going to collect your data and use it to serve you ads and possibly sell it to third parties. If you try and disable some of the services that do this they will rename the service and re-enable it with a non optional automatic update see here if you think I am joking It's not your computer anymore and you exist at Microsoft's whim. Go ahead and update. Their main goal is to be able to tell advertisers they have a billion devices on which they can serve ads. By the way live tiles ar ads in case you have not figured that out.

Comment I recently switched (Score 1) 565

I recently switched full time to Kubuntu because Windows 10 shows Microsoft going down a very worrying path. I.E. Basic Telemetry is not optional in consumer versions. And even more worrying any attempts to disable Windows 10 spying will be reversed by a automatic update see here

So it seems you are the product in WIndows 10. People like to point out that this is similar to how Google and Facebook operate their web services. Ignoring the fact that those are web services that you can easily choose not to use. Whilst Windows 10 is the dominate desktop operating system that runs your software that you may have spent thousand of dollars on. Not so easy to switch away from that.

They are also doing advertising in Windows 10 as that's what live tiles in the start menu really are. Currently most of them are just cross promoting things like Microsoft's other web services and offerings I.E. Get Office app Get Skype App and Xbox and of course Windows store. But there are also straight up ads right now. Right now if I open the Windows 10 start menu I see an ad for Flip Board, Minecraft, and I heart radio. I assume Flip Board and Clear Channel media paid for those ads.

So here's the deal, Microsoft's monopoly on the Desktop has been historically very bad for users. It's allowed them to produce shoddy software with little real impact on their bottom line. It's now allowing them to go in a direction that will result in a constant barrage of ads driven by data they have collected about you being built right in to the OS. If this keeps going the way it is soon your desktop will look like the TV screen from Idiocracy just a bunch of ads with a little view port in the middle. Microsoft is not trustworthy nor a good steward of this defacto monopoly. It is really up to us tech types to start the revolution by moving to an open platform like Linux where there can be real competition on the desktop between competing distributions. After all we are the ones that have the technical chops to easily move. Once adoption is up better driver and software support will follow. All though personally in my recent switch on a MSI gaming laptop I had 0 issues.

My move has gone without a hitch I am writing this from Kubuntu 15.10 all my daily work is fine. I have VMWare player setup for the Windows apps I need. And when I logged on to Steam thanks to Steam OS there were 107 games already in my steam Library I could install and play. So I have not missed Microsoft's Advertising System Windows 10 at all. It's time to switch.

Comment Windows 10 is for chumps (Score 3, Funny) 29

If you fall for Windows Store and Microsoft's desire for a total walled garden approach in Windows 10 your a full on chump. Microsoft has taken to renaming and re-enabling there spying telemetry service after users turned it off.

It's no longer your computer this is a complete outrage where the hell is the DOJ on this? I have been a Linux admin since the 90s and I have used it on the desktop on and off never really being able to stick with it because my games were on Windows. Well, this tears it for me I am out. I will take what I can get on SteamOS there is enough there to keep me entertained.

Comment Live tiles are ads (Score 2) 578

The whole idea behind live tiles and the full screen interface that was in Windows 8 was that it was an ad. It was just cross promoting other Microsoft stuff. Bing Maps, Bing Finance, MSN, MS Store, Windows Mobile, Xbox etc... It was always about promoting Microsoft's other stuff in a full screen animated Ad. They alienated their users with a poorly thought out and designed UI including mystery meat navigation in the form of charms bars for the soul purpose of serving their cross promotional interests. Which is why in my opinion they didn't get nearly enough grief for the shenanigans.

Comment Windows 10 (Score 1) 371

Is all about cross promoting Microsoft's other stuff Bing Everything, Xbox One, MS Store, IE (renamed). At least they had the decency to not charge you to upgrade to full screen live tile based advertisements for their other offerings like they did with Windows 8. There is not much in either version that truly benefits the user it's all about improving their flat revenue by getting suckers to buy or use their other crap. And of course Cortana is just about getting people to use Bing.

Comment Here's the deal (Score 1) 193

If you keep making Chicken Little the sky is falling predictions with computer models as your proof to bring about some desired political change. Then eventually you will lose all credibility and no one will listen to you anymore. You damage the reputation of the sciences and certainly of computer models when you do this. Knock it off.

Comment Don't get too excited (Score 5, Insightful) 379

No last mile unbundling! That's the core issue. That's what causes this nonsense is no real competition in the marketplace! This means you still have to deal with shitty companies like Comcast and Verizon because in many cases you have no other choice. It's a broken market. They should have forced last mile competition that would not only solve the net neutrality issue it would have lowered cost and increased speed and access.

I feel like he's really saying well look ISPs looks like our swindle is not going to fly with the icky proles but at least I will protect your duopolies so be thankful for that.

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