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Comment Favourite sshisms (Score 1) 2362

My favourite ssh thing to do is database dump/import over ssh:

ssh user@remotehost 'psql "COPY mytable TO STDOUT"' | psql "COPY mytable FROM STDIN"

Remote device images are also win:

ssh user@remotehost 'dd if=/dev/hda1' > sdb.iso
mkdir -p /mnt/iso
mount -o loop sdb.iso /mnt/iso
ls /mnt/iso # Win!

Not to mention combining ssh tunnel with more ssh tunneling and then more ssh! Mmm, ssh. Almost as awesome as netcat. - shazow

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PS3 Sales Jump in US on Heels of Price Cut

tighr writes: The PS3 has finally started to gain ground in the latest incarnation of the console wars, though still selling less than the aging Playstation 2.

The higher sales are good news for Sony, which has been running in third place in the console battle in the U.S. In October, 121,000 PlayStation 3 consoles were shipped, according to estimates from NPD Group. That ranks it lower than the seven-year-old PlayStation 2, which shipped 184,000 units in the month. The market-leading Nintendo Wii shipped 519,000 units and Microsoft's Xbox 360 shipped 366,000 units, said NPD.
Meanwhile, the Nintendo Wii has pulled even with the XBox 360 in worldwide sales:

The Wii, which sells for $250 and features a motion-sensitive controller, sold 13.2 million units worldwide as of September, Nintendo said. Microsoft reported that the Xbox 360 — in models priced from $280 to $450 — had sold 13.4 million units at the time. Then, in October, U.S. sales of the Wii exceeded Xbox 360 sales, according to the NPD Group. Combined with the Nintendo console's strength in the Japanese market, that effectively would bring the two into a dead heat in cumulative sales.

Submission + - Digg losing control of their site

Fo0eY writes: The folks at have let the social news genie out of the bottle, and now they can't control it. Since the HD-DVD encryption code was discovered and published, readers at Digg have been repeatedly submitting stories with the 16 digit hex code in the titles and bodies. Just as quickly as these posts crawl up the Digg charts, admins seem to be deleting them.

Submission + - The Implications of Free Java

dsginter writes: Last November, when Sun announced that they would be adopting GPLv2 licensing for Java, I expected somewhat of a bigger splash. Is this truly a non-event or does the assumption of such a robust tool set on GNU systems change the landscape? What happens to LAMP? Will Tomcat move in as the web server du jour? Can PHP finally die? What about the venerable Portable Operating System Interface? It seems like there is a lot of room that could be filled by this move.

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