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Comment Re:Electoral college does reflect the popular vote (Score 1) 1430

Social and political interests tend to have a heavy coincidence with geography. If you are on the coasts you care way more about the fishing industry than people in the heartland. If you are in a desert you care more about water conservation. If you are near oil and natural gas your livelihood or the livelihood of your neighbors probably depends on the energy industry. By virtue of being in a population dense area, you automatically have a powerful voting block on various area specific issues. What's more, the people in other areas are not your neighbors, you have much less incentive to protect their interests, and are much less likely to hear their anger and complaints when you don't. By and large people from Wisconsin are not going to be able to come and protest march down the streets of LA if California -- 8 x the population of Wisconsin -- decides corn should be taxed to subsidize making action movies.

The senate already gives proportional control by statehood and prevents that sort of issue.

Comment Re:Depending on scenrio, none (Score 1) 222

I've used Jekyll and it is wonderful to be able to author in plain old Markdown. You can just write what you want and be guaranteed that you'll always be able to render it somehow, and with Jekyll you can implement your own organization of flat files. It comes with templating and looks good on mobile too. Jekyll Now is pretty nice to kick the tires.

Comment Re:Password Generator (Score 1) 637

I've found that the time spent managing passwords has drastically decreased with a password manager like KeePass, and to boot I have more secure passwords. Password re-use is the single largest problem with data leaks, and you will have problems with remembering oddball usernames where your preferred username is taken. Solve all the problems in one shot and use KeePass or similar. Your "super complicated" KeePass password is just a correcthorsebatterystaple and passwords are a ctrl-v away (highlight the entry you want to auto-type, hit ctrl-v, and it alt-tabs and types it in for you).

I can't tell you how many accounts I've lost before going to a secure, centralized manager. How do you remember all your usernames?

Comment Re:Cam shafts work without the battery (Score 2) 383

I'm having trouble imagining one that opens outward, since the idea of it opening inward is that it can brace against the valve seat when the cylinder is firing. If you open it outward, the mechanism takes the full brunt of the forces against the surface area of the valve vs. a valve seat. Is there a good way to alleviate that issue?

Comment Re:The description is a lie... (Score 1) 440

"Then, assessors will record life consequences like changes in work patterns, self-employment, artistic endeavors, or idleness".

If they are doing that, the money is not unconditional. You must provide this information or have someone study/watch what you do with your life. Those are conditions. Give me the money and expect nothing in return - that is unconditional.

Yes I agree that the study is flawed for that reason, as well as another parent poster's reason of the study being 5 years and not indefinite. People will need to better themselves or at least not slide backwards in order to ensure that they don't falter in 5 years when the money ends and they will potentially want to do more because they are being watched. Both of these affect the outcome.

And this ladies and gentlemen is exactly why I don't want to live in a socialist shithole. If the nannystate provides us with our income or some portion of it, they will eventually (or immediately) require us to let them watch and analyze everything and anything we do with our lives. If you take this money, this is what you want for yourself and the rest of society. Period.

Wait, what? The measurement is part of this study; Y-Combinator is doing this study to determine if policy should follow so they need to quantify the result. Government would only have to balance the books: do taxes bring in more than the basic income and all of the other expenses cost?

I'm not saying that if we enact a basic income it does not mean that we will not have a lot of the analysis (hell we're getting it with or without a basic income, at this rate), but it does not follow that it must be requirement for basic income.

Comment Re:If it weren't for games (Score 2) 314

Give a friendlier distribution that is focused on end users a try. I've been very pleased with Linux Mint lately. The Cinnamon desktop is quite nice and is plug-and-play: I spent less time installing and customizing this to my satisfaction last week than an equivalent Windows install (I gave up installing Windows on this laptop already).

I don't think that a Linux distribution that is focused on an embedded environment is a good representation of the state of the art on Linux. It would be like dismissing Win7 after using WinCE.

Comment Re:well (Score 2) 331

And just in the last 4 months, we saw the bottom drop out of the oil market due to weak demand. That's a signal. Not that there's a massive oil-production conspiracy (I'm not saying there isn't) - but that demand is falling because the economy is failing.

You understand, of course, that there is literally a massive oil-production conspiracy? It's called OPEC, and they have a history of manipulating the market. In this case, it seems that they're looking to make oil unprofitable for us until the small players have to go belly up.

We're seeing it in the 9% drop in CS grad starting salaries.

We're also seeing the industry start to mature as well as competitive pressure from abroad and through the H1B program. Programming is not as sexy as it was in 1998.

We're seeing it in the mass layoff at IBM.

You may have something here, but indirectly. IBM has been on a collision course with failure ever since they started chasing imaginary dividend numbers in order to appease shareholders. They've mortgaged their future in the name of short-term profit and the chickens are coming home to roost. The root cause, of course, would appear to be shareholders' intolerance for companies engaging in long term investment and actual research. They would appear to be happier to gut companies and distribute their value to insiders. This is the strategy that is dooming our competitiveness in the long term and killing our middle class.

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