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Comment Re:Flabbergasted - great news for Canada! (Score 4, Interesting) 25

having known cdlu (David) personally from our Ottawa Linux Symposium days we keep in touch on IRC (yes, maybe the first EVER elected MP to use IRC still). It is very important we have an advocate for FLOSS in government to guide others to understand technology. He can dissimulate technical details to other politicians in layman's terms. Better informed politicians are at what laws they pass the better we'll be.

Submission + - Free Software supporter, Canadian MP David Graham speaks OSS in Government (linux-magazine.com)

ShawnX writes: If David Graham sounds familiar, you might know him better as cdlu (short for "confused debian linux user"). For years, cdlu was my colleague at Linux.com and Newsforge and well-known in Debian circles as well. Since then, he has been a presence in the back rooms of the Liberal Party until, in the federal election in October 2015, he was elected for the first time. He now describes himself (no doubt correctly) as "the only Member of Parliament to be in the Debian key ring."

Video of his discussion of using more Open Source in government can be seen here:


Submission + - New Groklaw site being developed (freeforums.net)

ShawnX writes: A new Groklaw site is being formulated and several of the original people from Groklaw are building this community again. Just as Slashdot helped spawn the first Groklaw with word-of-mouth, we can do it again with the 2nd reincarnation.

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