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Comment Re:Flabbergasted - great news for Canada! (Score 4, Interesting) 25

having known cdlu (David) personally from our Ottawa Linux Symposium days we keep in touch on IRC (yes, maybe the first EVER elected MP to use IRC still). It is very important we have an advocate for FLOSS in government to guide others to understand technology. He can dissimulate technical details to other politicians in layman's terms. Better informed politicians are at what laws they pass the better we'll be.

Submission + - Free Software supporter, Canadian MP David Graham speaks OSS in Government (

ShawnX writes: If David Graham sounds familiar, you might know him better as cdlu (short for "confused debian linux user"). For years, cdlu was my colleague at and Newsforge and well-known in Debian circles as well. Since then, he has been a presence in the back rooms of the Liberal Party until, in the federal election in October 2015, he was elected for the first time. He now describes himself (no doubt correctly) as "the only Member of Parliament to be in the Debian key ring."

Video of his discussion of using more Open Source in government can be seen here:

Submission + - New Groklaw site being developed (

ShawnX writes: A new Groklaw site is being formulated and several of the original people from Groklaw are building this community again. Just as Slashdot helped spawn the first Groklaw with word-of-mouth, we can do it again with the 2nd reincarnation.

Comment Re:Article is doomed to failure, but PulseAudio is (Score 1) 815

Really? Your system sucks then because on mine it works fine! Have you submitted a backtrace for this issue? Even a bug report?

If you haven't then the bug doesn't exist, plain and simple.

I did, against *Buntu, I even used the PPA builds of PA, still crashed. I have the full crash dumps available on the bug: See: This basically happened the same in Fedora also.

1) its CPU usage is reasonable

Well, on my system (4 year old core2duo) it sits between 0 and 1% even when playing...

Seems o be much higher on mu dual core2dual not even 1 year old.

Not heard of any problems here but is there a bug report about this?

3) It does not crash so much causing me no end of pain with multiple apps requiring audio.

I'm not experiencing any problems. It's been pretty stable for me for quite some time? What version have you been using?

Well, my typical use is like this: 1) KDE + audio, VirtualBox + audio, Second Life + audio.. PA keels over.

If you even had a tiny clue about things, you'd realise how ridiculous this statement is. OSS is old news. The API is not going to help us move forward. Have you even seen some of the stuff from the latest Linux Plumbers conference? Paul "Jack/Ardour" Davis summary is probably the best one I've read about why OSS is not sufficient and these are decisions that were made years ago... where on earth do people get this "OSSv4 causes world peace and solves every problem ever" option from? They've clearly never actually *looked* at things for themselves that's for sure.

Regardless, ALSA moves ever so slowly in the lack of resources. That's not to blame the developers at all. I've logged several bugs on this stupid Intel-HDA card and its PCM lack of capture. That wouldn't change with ALSA or OSSv4 if this is a hardware limitation.

We've had enough crap in the Linux Audio subsystem for so long, it's time to do the right thing and chunk the whole shit out.

Yeah because that kind of code writes itself right? All we need to do is get everyone to catch a fairy at the bottom of their garden and then stuff it into their CD drive... the code will be there by morning!

There are probably about four people working on linux sound as a paid job... Lennart, Takashi, Jaroslav and Paul... Maybe a few other too, but typically in very specific disciplines/hardware, but certainly none of them are going to start working on OSS that's for sure. So where is this magical work going to come from?

People have to write it...

I'll accept more pain if we get it right, finally.

This is us getting it right and this is that pain.

You might be, but, I remain unconvinced for now. My sense of PA is the dumbed down interface and lack of functionality that is missing. It's bad enough the microphone on this intel-HDA doesn't work properly by me having to adjust _3_ properties in order for someone to hear me and even then its either too loud or too soft. I don't see how PA will fix this problem.

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