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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 262

Dunno how, but i seem to have responded to my own post. It was meant for you, but i can't seem to delete it...

slashdot only indents threads to a certain level, then the conversation continues there. It's a reason people often quote the bits they're responding to. Or at least it used to.. I'll LOL if this one's indented further.

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

I enjoyed it. Then again, I like Cloud Atlas too. I've run into a lot of people that don't like the Wachowski's stuff post-Matrix because they tend to be hard to follow if you're not paying attention to all the details and don't follow stuff that jumps around a lot... and they're longer movies. Too many people can't seem to focus on a single thing for 3 hours anymore.

I tend to actually like stuff with weird/convoluted premises though.

Comment Re: I thought state and religion were separate in (Score 1) 1560

The problem with you is not your philosophy, it is your attitude.

Let's rephrase the argument:

I despise modern art. I find it to be utter, utter crap. Blobs of color that a 3 year old could paint if they had no taste. However, there are people willing to waste literally millions of dollars on it. There are two approaches I can take to this.

One, I can not go to Modern Art galleries, not purchase modern art, and generally avoid it. This is called "consumer choice" and is the mature approach to the situation.

Or, two, I can go to galleries, berate people to their faces and call them morons, throw feces and urine on their most respected pieces of "art", and petition the government to remove all modern art from all government places, and sue if they won't comply. This is called, "Douche-baggery" and is the choice you and many other atheists and atheist groups have made.

If anyone gets in your face, it's because of your attitude.

Yes, there are a lot of deluded people in the world, but pointing out their delusion does not endear you to them. Don't believe me? Try pointing out to a group of programmers which editor is better, vi or emacs, spaces or tabs, or C++ vs. Java.

And, by the way, the biggest delusion anyone has is that they know the absolute truth and are totally right in any situation, on any social topic.

Comment Re:cult of mac (Score 1) 168

just goes to show the best product doesnt always win - same is true with the ipod, there were better options at the time.

Of course YMMV and opinions and all but... I have to disgree on this. I had dozens of mp3 players starting with the initial Diamond PMP300, which is usually considered the 2nd commercial mp3 player. This was followed by several more Rio devices, then some no-name stuff that used various memory card technologies.. eventually I had a couple CD-mp3 players and even a Creative Nomad HDD player (good lord the UX on that thing was horrible!). Then in 2003 or so I tried an ipod, and I never looked back. The UI/UX on the ipod was miles above every other player I'd had. Also while some people decry the use of itunes and prefer just dumping files directly onto the memory card/player, I found I hated those ways. I often ran into issues with the older FAT filesystems on them and files per directory limits and had to script up annoyingly dumb scripts to break the files up into subdirs. With the ipod/itunes it was done for me, or I could limit what I wanted to copy via playlists and the like. Rather than me having to take care of my device, it just worked as designed with a simple interface on the computer via itunes.

Once I eventually got an iphone (3g I think was my first) I found I no longer needed the separate ipod anymore and have stuck with iphones since.

BTW, I'm actually curious what you think which mp3 players were better options during the first few years the ipod was out.

Comment Re:Magnetic bullet? (Score 4, Informative) 431

The small amount of plasma is confined using magnetic forces.

If they lose containment, the pressure and temperature on the plasma reduce significantly and the reaction no longer takes place. There is no runaway scenario AFAIK.

I have been down the hall from a tokamak when it is firing. I have also walked next to a tokamak when it is off. I have crawled through stellarator rings. These things are not scary, they are impressive.

Comment Re:Another Hollywood diatribe (Score 1) 77

Yeah, I always love when a Hollywood movie tries to talk down to us plebs about how "eviil" some corporation(s) is/are, or how the "system" is holding down people.

They're some of the most over-paid, spoiled and "in an insulated echo chamber," people out there.

I especially love when they pull the 1% vs the 99% stuff.. many of them are in the 1%.

Comment Not new, HDR LCD has been around for a while (Score 1) 103

This has been out for a while. Dolby bought BrightSide which first pushed individual LED backlighting for HDR LCDs AFAIK.

Maybe they have now gone to individual pixels instead of white LED? Same idea, just higher res and probably lower cost.


2005 BrightSide Demos

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