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Submission + - Obama Administration Silences IT Layoff Notices 4

CubicleZombie writes: As part of last year's U.S. federal debt increase deal, the Department of Defense will take a $55 billion budget cut on January 2nd. That's a lot of IT jobs. By law, companies are required to give 60 days notice before mass layoffs. Only this time, they're not, because the Obama administration has directed companies to ignore the law and has pledged tax dollars to cover their legal defense. These notices would have come out days before the November election.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 3, Insightful) 211

Ia lot of the noise about F&F is coming in the form of conspiracy theories from the NRA

Mainstream news is almost totally ignoring the debacle, so at least one organization is talking about it.

It's not really a conspiracy theory when gun dealers openly say, "Yeah, we knew that buyer was a drug runner but the ATF agent in our back office told us to sell him the guns anyways."

Comment Re:Reliable (Score 2) 279

I have a Logitech wireless keyboard that lasts 1.5+ years on a pair of AAA batteries. That's at least 40 hours per week every week. Quite impressive, especially considering there's no on/off switch at all. I chose it because it was comfortable and the wireless feature seemed a waste, but it's been rather useful.

It also came with a wireless mouse that I don't use because I have one that's more comfortable, but it works just fine.

Comment Re:Here's another solution (Score 1) 343

what if a terrorist blows up the huge line where people wait to be groped by the tsa?

Then they install another TSA checkpoint outside the airport to protect the one inside.

Funny thing is, they would confiscate your toothpaste, but they'd have to let me through with my gun, since I have to declare and check it in with my baggage at the ticket counter.

Comment Re:I think... (Score 2) 28

Satellite and Terrain tiles seem to follow similar patterns in file sizes. The 'normal' view is vast amounts of nothing. What you see in the browser is an overlay of the terrain/sat/normal PNG images plus the actual map view GIF. So you have two sets of data to analyze.

It's a lot of data. I once cached (ripped off) enough map tiles to build a mobile GPS enabled application for a small geographic area and the number of tiles is absolutely huge when you consider all the zoom levels. Triple the number of you want all three view types. If this works at all, you're looking at some serious hardware to pull it off. There's a reason Google builds data centers over hydroelectric dams.

Not to mention getting the data in the first place. Google makes it difficult to get at the raw map tiles.

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