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Comment Computers is people too... (Score 0) 371

I think my computer should be given people status as well. After all, it gobbles energy all day long, it can see me with its eye, it can hear me when I speak, it is warm on the inside, and it makes disagreeable noises when I press its buttons. Oh, and spews out crap constantly!...Thats a people if you ask me.
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Journal Journal: No real name given~

Yep, that's right...I'm just a non-existent thingy on the net that will serve no other purpose in this world but to buy computer hardware and contemplate the ravings of other netizens (some of whom may also be non-existent thingies).

Comment Re:Humbly and respectfully think he's full of... (Score 0) 710

Holy fuck dude...What the fuck crawled up your ass? What's the matter...did your lithium supply run out? Ya know, just because the japanese spike the water supply of some of their towns, doesn't mean that the eew-ess-of fuckin'-aay does it too! Unless, that's what you were hoping was the case, so that you could claim how fucking rational you are (with your gloryous spiked amurricanski water suppy (spiked with all the other shit they don't tell you about))...But you ain't! As a matter of fact, I'll bet that you have nightmares of little black and white penguines wobbling around all over the place--wobbling. Oh, for the love of printer ink, I'd hate to be you at night...shivering under your covers with a death-grip on your teaddy bear, thinkin' about them there penguine-pod-people! You know what them penguines DO dontcha? They do code. Yep! 24 hours a day...Nothin' but code, to fuck your windows in its registry ass (hey, and them bad boys got flippers too!). And can they paaarty, or what? Hehehe, allways dressed for the occation (unlike CATS, with all their hair balls and shit)! Hey, you know what...I'll bet your afraid of cold pizza too! Ya wouldn't want to get them 'You're soaking in it' dainty little fingers dirty next to your sqeaky clean windoze, now whould ya? That's what I thought! So Youuu just let the poor misguided pengine-pod-people just wobble on by because they probably don't care about your lithium detoxified (but other drug infused (via government conspiracy conspirists)) self either. But you'll never hear any of THEM say anything negative about your windowze...Why? Because they're doin' code. Yep. That's all they do, 24 hours a day. So they can fuck your windowze in it's registry ass. Oh, and scare your cat by hacking your printer at 4am and send you some code.
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Journal Journal: Stuff yer karma beotch!

OooOOoo...I noticed that my karma has slipped down to BAAAD. Well, boo-fucking-hoo! You are all probably CATS or somethin' (just sittin' there...playin' with your mice)! As a matter of fact, I'll bet you fur-balls get all twichy when the printer makes a noise! Screeeach-zip-vvvvvv. Boo! Hahaha. Ya better watch out 'meow mix', that printer might get ya!

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