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Comment Crack Dealers (Score 3, Insightful) 242

This is a very old and proven method of marketing. A good example of this is still in use today. Crack Dealers. Give your crack away to children, so they become dependant on it. Once they are completely addicted, you have created a demand. Which allows Microsoft to continue business with little fear of anyone thinking any differently then they want. Because no addicted customer is going to revolt against their crack dealer. But they will introduce their friends and family to crack, and continue the cycle.

Submission + - ask slashdot

Lislea writes: just curious, what things do you think would start a bar brawl at the Geek convention?
United States

Submission + - US may require European visitors to register

maximus1 writes: According to this article, Europeans may have to register online two days before they visit the US under a proposal being examined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The online registration would complement the Automated Targeting System, a program disclosed by the DHS in November that assigns a "risk assessment" to people entering and leaving the U.S.. The registration system would likely require approval by the U.S. Congress before it could be introduced, says Hugo Teufel III, chief privacy officer for the DHS. "It's a fairly new initiative in that we've been discussing it internally for about a month."
The Internet

Submission + - VisPerNET Partners with Comodo for Online Identity (

Yuvaraj writes: "VisPerNET Partners with Comodo for Online Identity and Trust Assurance (ITA) Solutions Premium IT Services Provider and industry innovator is latest addition to Comodo's Reseller Network

Jersey City, NJ (June 14, 2007)Comodo, a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, today announced that VisPerNET, Inc. has chosen Comodo as its security and infrastructure partner so that VisPerNET will offer Comodo security solutions to its customers. Comodo's SSL certificates, EV SSL with EV-AUTO Enhancer Deployment and Maintenance Technology, HackerGuardian, and PCI Compliancy Scanning will head VisPerNET's new suite of security and authentication solutions.

VisPerNET's selection of Comodo was primarily driven by a synergy of business models. Both companies are committed to providing the most cutting-edge solutions and value-add features at prices well below industry standards. VisPerNET, Inc. has recently transformed web hosting into business-class online network resources with its premium, all-inclusive web hosting service that includes free corporate-grade Email, online backup and permissions-based file store and file sharing. VisPerNET office virtualization accounts start at $10/month for 5 GB web space and 500 GB data transfer. With its discount pricing well below that of the general industry, VisPerNET is advancing enterprise-class online network resources for small to mid-sized companies.

"Small to mid-size companies and individuals deserve the same computing power, software applications and web-based productivity solutions that only large corporations can afford," stated Vispi Gowadia, CEO of VisPerNET. "Comodo understands this need and their solutions are a synergistic fit with our portfolio."

Aligned with this approach, Comodo designed its ITA suite to be best in class, so that online merchants of all sizes have access to these vital solutions. The suite includes:
  • EV SSL certificates that delivers new level of site identity assurance through a highly visible green indicator
  • Comodo TrustLogo provides verifiable proof of the merchant's authenticity and the authenticity of the actual TrustLogo. Verification of the site identity is a simple mouse-over without any disruptive off-site clicking
  • HackerGuardian, a vulnerability scanning solution, performs more than 14,000 daily tests and offers remedial advice when a threat is detected
  • PCI scan compliancy certification to prove adherence to PCI industry standards which assures secure handling of sensitive customer credit card information

"Our partnership with VisPerNET reinforces Comodo's commitment to advancing a better-secured Internet infrastructure," said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. "VisPerNET has a philosophy and business model much in line with Comodo's, and we are pleased that they chose to resell our products and solutions."

Comodo's reseller network has continued to expand rapidly with nearly 1,000 new partners joining this year alone. Comodo solutions are increasingly being recognized as key drivers of customer profitiablity through more effiecient customer conversion based on creating trust online. For more information, click here. About VisPerNET

VisPerNET, Inc. provides premium communications and information technology (IT) services in all-inclusive plans at discounted pricing for individuals, non-profit organizations and small to mid-size businesses. The company operates as an Applications Service Provider (ASP), Internet Technology Service Provider (ITSP), Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), VOIP Telephone Service Provider (VTSP), and technology integration company.

The company is privately-held and began providing IT networking and consulting services in 1996. The corporate office and data center is located in Sterling, Virginia. A VisPerNET-owned company, GiG Network Solutions provides sales to the Asian and European markets from offices in Noida, India. For additional information on VisPerNET visit About Comodo

Comodo, through itsgroup ofInternet securitycompanies, is a leading Certification Authority and global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet.Comodo securesand authenticates online transactions and communications for over2,000,000 businesses and consumers.

Withaglobal presence Comodooffersbusinesses and consumers third-generation solutions for intelligent security and authentication technologies that create trust online. Comodo's technological expertise includes PKI digital certification, Code signing certification, integrated authentication infrastructure services, Web Content authentication, Secure messaging solutions, PCI compliancy scanning, SSL digital certificates including our flagship InstantSSL brand, HackerGuardian, Banking solutions including Two Factor Authentication, and digital e-commerce services.

For additional information on Comodo — Creating Trust Online visit

For more information, media representatives should contact
Judy Shapiro
(201) 963-9471


Submission + - Controversy threatens 100G Ethernet work (

coondoggie writes: "A debate within the IEEE threatens to stall work on a 100Gbps Ethernet standard and the very existence of the working group defining it. Participants in the Higher Speed Study Group (HSSG) within the IEEE are divided on whether to include 40G Ethernet as part of their charter or stay the course with 100G. Proponents for 40G argue that it is a necessary, simple and cost-effective step that has broad market potential; opponents say it will unnecessarily bog down progress on 100G which, they claim, also has broad market potential addressing different applications — aggregation and long-haul vs. server interconnect. Seven months ago, HSSG's focus seemed like a done deal. But in January, 40G proponents became more vocal. Now, the integrity of HSSG itself is threatened by the row. The group's future hinges on a meeting next month in San Francisco where HSSG leaders will attempt to build consensus among members on the 40G/100G issue. standards-work.html"

Submission + - eBay may Lose "Buy it Now" Button in Paten (

Spamicles writes: "A judge has delayed his ruling on the eBay patent infringement case. eBay has been involved in a legal dispute over the use of its popular "Buy it Now" button, which allows consumers to skip the bidding and purchase items on eBay directly. The patent suit was filed six years ago by MercExchange L.L.C. In May of 2003, a jury ruled in MercExchange's favor finding that eBay did in fact infringe on the patent, but in 2005 the US Supreme Court ruled that MercExchange was not automatically entitled to a court order blocking the offending service, essentially handing a victory down to patent reform advocates. However, the ruling by the Supreme Court does not affect the final judgment of the court."
The Media

Submission + - Projectionist fired for online review

mcgrew writes: "CNN is reporting that movie projectionist Jesse Morrison has been fired for panning the new 'Fantastic Four' movie on the Ain't It Cool web site, allegedly after Fox threatened the chain he worked for. There was no non-disclosure agreement. 'If they had sat me down and told me that this has caused such a stink and that we would like you to sign some waiver, I probably would have signed it,' CNN quotes Mr. Morrison as saying. There is more on CNN's site."

Submission + - Major Attack

ssargs writes: appears to be the victim of a major attack that has crippled the DNS services that support hundreds of thousands of sites. The service outage is still taking place at Noon E.S.T. — June 14. iPower has always been a very reliable service provider for our projects, and this problem may be revenge for their attempt to prevent malware sites. But this is speculation on our part, while we await resolution.

Submission + - Advanced Audio VideoMedia Center GPL (

Ikaro writes: "Media Portal is a free and Open Source application released under GNU/GPL, which allows turning your pc into an advanced Media Center for audio-video management.

It let you listen your favourite music and radio, watch and store your favourite streaming and DVD video and schedule video streaming recording.

Read more"

Input Devices

Submission + - Cleaning your keyboard in a dishwasher

i_like_spam writes: Computer keyboards are a breeding ground for bacteria. Studies have shown that keyboards often contain more bacteria than toilet seats. While the common cleaning methods of using pressurized-air canisters and damp rags help, they leave behind plenty of dirt and grime. As reported on NPR, an alternate technique that is starting to catch on is to clean your keyboard in the dishwasher. Plastic Bugs advises not to use the heated dry cycle, to pop off all of the keys, and to thoroughly air dry for a few days. For those not bold enough to try this with a standard keyboard, dishwasher-safe varieties are now available.

Submission + - 10 More Reasons why HD Formats Have Already Failed

An anonymous reader writes: The author of this article makes a striking case for the reasons why Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats have failed to penetrate the mainstream marketplace. "I believe that both HD DVD and Blu-ray will fail to become successful, mainstream replacement formats for DVD and will instead remain as niche products while eventually fading into obscurity." One wonders how either camp can convince Joe 6 pack of the benefits of upgrading from a perfectly good DVD player to the next gen player that offers better performance to only a discerning eye that possesses quality components? "Sony is launching a new marketing campaign called "The Format War is Over." With this kind of ridiculous marketing (as if merely saying it makes it true) is there any reason media and editors around the Internet are calling Blu-ray's bluff?" How can either camp expect to survive with such obvious smear tactics and preying on consumer ignorance? This to me almost feels like a Presidential debate.

Submission + - IBM Lotus Sametime Chatting and Second Life (

BlueVoodoo writes: "This tutorial shows you how to create a Sametime bot that listens for conversations in Second Life and relays them to your IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client or vice-versa, making it possible to let people alert you when you're needed, but you're not "in-world", as well as to be in-world without missing important conversations."

Submission + - Omar Tazi, Oracle, and Open Source (

An anonymous reader writes: Omar Tazi gave a presentation about Oracle's various open source activities. This blog gives the details for those who weren't there in person. There's some pretty amazing details, aside from running their business completely on Linux, they now boast over 9,000 developers depending on Linux everyday. They've also made contributions to Apache and Eclipse. The blog also covers what Unbreakable Linux is, and is not. Pretty informative overall.

Submission + - Microsoft signs deal with Linspire

kazade84 writes: Microsoft have signed another controversial deal with a Linux distribution. The deal entitles Linspire to Media Player codecs as well as protection against any patent infringements. Also worryingly they will join forces to create a translator between ODF and OOXML. Is this going to be another weapon in Microsoft's OOXML drive?

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