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Comment Buh-bye... (Score 1) 2254

Thank you for pushing me off the fence. I've been skipping more and more Slashdot articles in my RSS reader, finding it harder and harder to read the crap that is posted, and this just made it even more painful. Deleting you from Google Reader now, so long, farewell, and all that jazz...

Comment Re:Short, shameful confession (Score 1) 491

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Sorry, if you're a BI developer, and I have to tell you repeatedly that a CROSS JOIN piped through DISTINCT is not the same thing as an INNER JOIN, I'm not the one who needs to be reading a book... That's the kind of crap I'm referring to when I say these people are worthless. As a paid query writer, failing to understand basic stuff like this makes you worthless.

Comment Re:Short, shameful confession (Score 1) 491

I guess I'm somewhere in between. There are certain people here that I consider worthless, repeating the same mistakes over an over, most problems originate with them, etc.. Those people tend to think I'm a jerk, because I don't pull any punches when I get sick of dealing with the same stuff for the fifth time. Others here consider me invaluable, and will repeatedly involve me in projects or other critical work that HAS to be done right. Coincidentally, those same people share my opinion of the first group. So long as my superiors are satisfied with my work, I could care less whose feelings I hurt along the way....

Comment This Minnesotan... (Score 1) 201

... thinks this is just about the dumbest thing I've read in a while... The snow is awesome, it was great seeing people working together over the weekend to help each other shovel out, and now it's just beautiful to look at... The worst part of the whole weekend was trying to avoid the little econo-boxes whose owners didn't have a lick of common sense...

Comment Three iPhones in 1 room, only one has signal (Score 1) 187

My phone, wife's phone, son's phone, in the same room in our house, literally within 10 feet of each others. My phone shows four bars, the other two nothing. Happens all the time, just in a different combination. First contract expires in April, at which point we're "phasing out" AT&T.

Comment Age and shifting priorities (Score 1) 418

I think it's a normal function of "growing up" - certain hobbies or activities are more fulfilling than others, and as we age, priorities change, demands on our time change, and as a result, the less fulfilling activities lose their appeal. Ten years ago, I was into multiple hobbies - video gaming, astronomy, model rocketry, model railroading, to name a few. I tried to keep active in all of them, but with kids, a job, and just generally less "energy", it was too much. I no longer own any rockets, or participate in the hobby in any way. My telescopes sit forgotten in boxes in the basement closet. Piles of video games sit unplayed, except an occasional round of Civilization (rare). The railroading is where I spend my free time now, at home, at club events, shows, etc.. It provides everything I need, relaxation, a creative outlet, interaction with others, and it's fun.

Comment We used to call it "imagination" (Score 4, Insightful) 267

Back then, you filled in the missing content with your imagination. These days, nobody has one anymore. Games (and movies) have to spell out every little detail, leaving nothing to the imagination. Remember seeing the Balrog on film? Was that what you imagined it to look like when you read the book? Wasn't what I had pictured, but I can't read the book now without seeing it the way it was depicted in the movie. Kinda sad, in a way.

Comment Re:No degree, bad citizen (Score 1) 612

I take offense at this "bad citizen" crack. I've been "working with computers" for 21 years. I completed one year of a Bachelor's in CS, which I was, for a variety of reasons, unable to continue. I have worked the spectrum of IT/development jobs - application developer, web developer, network admin, DBA. I've led development teams, I've been on both sides of security audits, I have led initiatives to meet PCI compliance. I am currently the senior production DBA for an international corporation with 30,000 employees, where I direct multiple SQL Server and Oracle DBAs. I am considered one of the "go-to" guys within the production support staff. My salary is in the 6-figure range.

Does any of this make me a "good" citizen? Not necessarily. However, I also volunteer within my community. I am active in multiple hobbies, including membership in clubs devoted to those hobbies. I am liked and respected by my neighbors, friends, and co-workers. I don't know if any of this qualifies me as a "good" citizen, but it certainly doesn't fit my definition of a "bad" one.

Comment Re:Few places... (Score 1) 243

> A few places I've worked IT fell under Operations, the same people that keep the lightbulbs changed, the warehouse shipping and the driveway plowed.

Years ago, I was the sole "computer guy" for a small 20-person company. Since I was usually the first person to arrive in the morning, I also shoveled the sidewalks and cleared the small parking lot.

Comment Great... (Score 1) 698

..., because nothing beats sitting in a restaurant with a table full of teenagers behind you trying to show how grownup they are because they know all the big swear words.

"Dude, I was like, that's so fucking awesome, I mean SHIT!!!"
"I know, right! Fuck yeah!"

Comment Re:Use a persistence library (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Putting the logic in stored procedures allows ME, the DBA, the guy with the SQL know-how, to tune the gawd-awful query that you, the pointy-clicky .NET monkey, is using to bring my server to its knees. NINE left joins again subqueries, each with a GROUP BY, then another GROUP BY applied over the query as a whole? WTF are you thinking? Fixing your code requires a new build & deployment cycle. Fixing a stored proc, I can do that with a simple DROP/CREATE script.

Yes, I'm bitter. I'm surrounded by pointy-clicky types who insist on procedural thinking when writing queries. Set theory? What's that?

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