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Submission + - Mobile App Quality Matters, as told by Euro 2016 (perfectomobile.com)

Shaneco writes: UEFA Euro 2016 has taken over France, with games taking place at 10 stadiums in 10 cities. For soccer fans and travelers, mobile devices and apps are essential to being able to find transportation, dining and lodging options. Oh, and of course to stay up-to-date on all of the Euro 2016 matches taking place. Fans visiting French cities like Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille are using multiple apps in congested urban areas, dealing with sudden spikes in user load, switching networks, managing low batteries, roaming on newer smartphones — from AT&T or Verizon to Orange or France/SFR — yet the most-used devices in the country are not always the newest iterations of Apple and Android phones. How do you test your apps to perform in conditions like these?

Submission + - Selecting the Best Open-Source Test Automation Tool for You (perfectomobile.com)

Shaneco writes: There's a shift to open-source mobile test automation tools happening today among developers and QA. And it's not just happening in mobile testing. Many mature technology sectors are adopting lightweight, vendor-transparent tools to fulfill the need for speed and integration. As with many free and open-source software markets however, a plethora of tools complicates the selection process. Here are some valuable tips on how to pick the best open source test automation tool for you.

Submission + - SPAM: 3 Keys to Testing for Real User Conditions

Shaneco writes: For companies embracing digital and working to deliver high quality digital products across mobile, web (mobile web, responsive web, desktop web), and IoT (Internet of things) on a variety of operating systems and networks, it's critical to stay focused on the all-important user experience. This means testing for the actual user conditions that customers experience every day. Here are three key tips to keep in mind when making user conditions part of your testing.
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Submission + - Road Tested: Could Your App Survive a Girls Trip to Austin? (perfectomobile.com)

Shaneco writes: Millennials are arguably the most active and demanding mobile users. On a recent short vacation to Austin, one millennial — let's call her Kristine — was surprised/enlightened by how much the quality of her trip depended on the quality of the many mobile apps she and her friends used in their travels, including Uber, Yelp, AirBnB, Waze, Venmo, Kayak, and others. Read about which apps passed the millennial test and which ones stalled at Kristine's mobile moment of need.

Submission + - 2016 Predictions in Digital: Mobile Payments, Connected Cars and the CDO (perfectomobile.com)

Shaneco writes: 2015 was the year when two strong disruptive technologies emerged — mobile payments and connected cars — and the role of chief digital officer played a more significant role in the enterprise shift to digital. To be in a more mature place at the end of this year, CDOs will take on a more assertive role as digital facilitators; companies will add more mobile payment capabilities into their own apps to build customer trust; and software testing will be "make or break" important as cars become more connected.

Submission + - 2016 Will Be the Year for Wearables, So Test Wisely (perfectomobile.com)

Shaneco writes: Wearable devices are unique in that they are essentially extensions of smartphones but have their own user interfaces that demand thorough testing, design and monitoring. With leading vendors Samsung, Apple and Motorola releasing wearable devices, it's clear the market has momentum. The question now is: how to ensure continued customer satisfaction on wearables. To get there, keep these three themes in mind: Quality, User Experience and Value.

Submission + - 8 Gadgets For The High-Tech Home (informationweek.com)

Shaneco writes: A new day is dawning for those who've dreamed of being both more efficient AND lazier when it comes to household appliances. But you don't have to assemble a connected home in one fell swoop. For now, see what appliances in your humble abode can be replaced with a smart appliance that'll produce some helpful data, allow remote access via smartphone apps, and send you alerts.

Submission + - Twitter Posts Betray Illness (informationweek.com)

Dotnaught writes: Penn State Researchers have demonstrated that they can diagnose influenza using a person's public Twitter posts, even if that person hasn't specifically mentioned his or her health. They conclude, "It would seem that simply avoiding discussing an illness is not enough to hide one's health in the age of big data."

Submission + - What Star Wars Teaches Us About Technology (informationweek.com)

Shaneco writes: Luke Skywalker had it right when he shut off his targeting computer before blowing up The Death Star. As gadget addiction continues to take a serious toll on stress, attention spans and self confidence, Star Wars' overarching message — use technology only for good and never let it replace your own human "Force" — is more relevant than ever. The dark side of technology use isn't just about cyber spying or hacking or theft. It's also about bullying on social media, excessive self-promoting and gossiping, and spreading violent or lurid content. If this is you, Darth Vader is hiring. Instead, take a lesson from a great Jedi warrior. Push the screen away from time to time and give your mind and personality a chance to shine.

Submission + - Brave Tales From The SysAdmin Trenches (informationweek.com)

Shaneco writes: Comedy. Tragedy. Triumph. Despair. PEBCAK. Systems administrators know them all — as evidenced by these tales from IT pros recognized on National SysAdmin Day. Be sure to take a moment today, and most other days, to thank the unsung heroes who keep networks safe and politely remind you — for the tenth time — that you must be connected to the VPN to use that app.

Submission + - Justine Bateman's New Role: Computer Science Student (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: While Bateman is technically still an 'undeclared humanities' major, the former Family Ties star, now a college freshman, is intent on switching her major to computer science. She's posted bits of her code on her Tumblr so you can check on her progress. But she must be doing something right: she's scored a summer internship at Symantec.

Submission + - Why Liberty Reserve is the Cybercrime Story of the Year (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: 'The takedown of Liberty Reserve and the arrest of Mr. Budovsky, didn't eliminate a spam-spewing botnet, dismantle a shadowy cyber crime group or stop China's Unit 61398 – it's true. But its impact on the cyber crime world may be far more profound,' writes security blogger Paul Roberts. And here are a couple of key reasons why: 1) Unlike other botnet takedowns, this one got to the gooey center of how criminals move money; and 2) There was international cooperation — even including a 'see no evil' south American government.

Submission + - Should floundering HTC start offering Windows Phones again? (fool.com)

ultrasawblade writes: Android is leading the marketplace, and that's a good thing ... for Google. Not so much for HTC these days. With its sales making up only 5% of new smartphone purchases worldwide, and Blackberry's recent offerings further adding competition to an already crowded and saturated marketplace, is Windows Phone a viable way for HTC to return to some semblance of its former (Windows Mobile-esque) glory? A quote from TFA: "Branching out and offering a line of Windows Phones would be a good start to get some diversification for HTC. They could put Windows Phone software on their existing hardware with few modifications, and should Windows Phone take off then HTC would be at the forefront of the Windows Phone success ..." Because it worked out so well for HTC when Windows Mobile was starting to get subsumed by iPhone and Android in 2007 ...

Submission + - Use Cases Overtaking Google Glass Gimmick? (cio.com)

itwbennett writes: Despite some backlash against Google's hands-free wearable computing device, the use cases for such technology are mounting. Mobile device management (MDM) specialist Fiberlink, for example, is betting big on 'wearable tech being used and proliferating in the post-PC era,' says Jim Szafranski, senior vice president of Customer Platform Services. 'Even though we're in the beginning days, we've got a lot of field applications that our customers are interested in,' he says. 'Right now, we've got guys climbing telephone poles holding tablets.'

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