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Comment Re:If you don't know why they're doing this... (Score 2) 440

This is it, in a nutshell. The future is largely dystopian. People, on the whole, are completely inure to the issues of governmental trespass in their lives, and thus it is unlikely to be stopped before it is an everyday nuisance (and threat) in the lives of those who are not. They trust the government because they don't seem to understand that the government is a faceless bully made up of many corrupt and self-serving individuals. The cream sinks to the bottom in government.

Comment Re:Wow, all the animosity towards police (Score 1) 372

No. Because what you are saying isn't true. And even if it was *sort of* true, then every "good" cop that stands behind and protects the "bad" cops makes a lie of them being "good." They are not just everyday people - everyday people do not have guns, a badge and a massive, built-up immunity to using force against other citizens regardless of the reason or the outcome. Seeing it your simplistic and flowery way is pure fantasy.

Comment Re:Too many cops think that a badge (Score 1) 372

This is entirely true. I have had friends and acquaintances that are cops. Not only are they some of the worst offenders, I and other people have found out first-hand why it's not a good idea to befriend a cop. If they decide for some reason that they don't like you (say you start dating their younger sister) or you have a falling-out in general, they can and very well may make your life a living hell. They have all the tools they need to do it, facts be-damned.

The ones that have made society an us-and-them situation isn't society.

Comment Interesting. (Score 4, Interesting) 47

I've wondered several times to myself if this was possible. I figured no, since the torrent clients / seeds participate in an ACK system of sorts (or, so I've reasoned), so the sending clients would not get a return and so wouldn't keep bothering. But then, this *IS* possible to a torrent client which clicks on a carefully formed link and always was. Ever click on a link that has 40,000+ peers and/or seeds on it?

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