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Comment A Better Concern (Score 1) 108

Why are these websites loading cookies the moment you go to a page, before you can even login or present them with data that is worthwhile to have in a cookie? If nothing else you should take this as a warning as to what websites are tracking you across the internet, and to just flat out avoid them.

Comment Smart. Kinda. (Score 1) 180

The belief that none of us is smarter than all of us is not always true. For something like this I do not know if crowd-sourcing it is the way to go. Once 4chan gets a hold of it, that's it either way.


Comment Re:Limit bandwidth used by P2P networks (Score 1) 285

So punish the whole for the actions of the few, very smart. So, what about the people who, on their downtime between classes and work, want to use NetFlix or play an online game? Good luck with that at 512/256. I do not know what the solution is, but I certainly know that this isn't it.

Comment Old News? (Score 1) 164

I bought a laptop from Lenovo about a year ago (an IdeaPad Y550) and it came with VeriFace. From my experience the VeriFace software worked fairly well, if the room was well lit. In darker situations it failed miserably. I am not sure how they do the recognition, but it seems to be contrast and location of facial features.

Neat things: You can make movement a requirement for login (like you have to shift your head, open your mouth, etc) in order to bypass people using your picture to login. As for false positives, it seemingly had none. The nice bit is the system takes a picture of someone trying to use the VeriFace login system and stores it for your review at a later date. Not 100%, but surely good enough for standard consumer use.

Comment No kidding (Score 4, Interesting) 178

We had problems with our Optimum Online cable service for 3 months. 3 months. We called them twice a week for 3 months, each month they would say "Your nodes are over-saturated and we are working on it." A tech would come out, look at our lines, say they are fine, and agree that we are in an over-saturated area. For 3 months. We were paying for 30/5 service and getting 1/.5. Finally after 3 months of dealing with this non-existent internet access (you try sharing 1/.5 amongst a house of 8 people) they get it fixed and we call up asking for some sort of credit for 3 months of basically non-working service. Optimum said they could give us a week. A week! A week for 3 months of non-working service. Finally after being on hold for an HOUR they agreed to give us one month and then promptly hung up on us. We would have gone elsewhere if there was a choice, but there really isn't.

Comment Stipulation (Score 1) 379

I would pay some money for a demo -IF- (and this is a BIG if) whatever I paid towards the demo was then applied toward buying the full game. I mean, a demo is basically a shorter version of the full game right? They didn't make new content SPECIFICALLY for the demo did they? So why should I pay for it twice? Say game price is $50, demo price is $10, I pay $40 when the full game comes out.

Comment A Grand Idea.... (Score 1) 613

This is a grand idea that I am mostly in favor of, but before we proceed to that there is something I would like to see first...

Namely, do away with the retarded fee to file my state taxes online. I purchased TurboTax and it lets me file my federal for free, but there is a fee ($20 or something, I'm not sitting at that machine at the moment so I can't verify it) to file! And if I want to use part of my return to pay that fee, it costs me an extra $30. How retarded is that.

Comment Quite Simple Really (Score 1) 1019

Now that you cannot listen to music, simply introduce random segments of code that mysteriously are reminiscent of the conversations you are now forced to hear in your noisy work environment.

Either he will repeal the stupid new policy or you will get fired for not producing. But lets be serious, if that's the kind of person your boss is, do you really want to be working there anyways?

Comment Not More Time, Better Use Of Time (Score 1) 1073

Students nowadays do not need more time in classrooms. What they need is classrooms, programs, and professors who adequately engage the students in a manner that speaks to the students. Sorry, but the 'tried and true' method of straight lecture and 'You need to know this because I say you need to know this' no longer apply in this day and age. Professors need to develop programs that teach students in a way that will help them and is current. People here with kids, send your child to school with a laptop. Instruct them to use their laptop to take notes during each of their classes. I bet you that one of two things will happen: 1) The laptop will have been confiscated due to being a distraction or 2) The laptop will not have been used for notes because their professors said that they were not allowed to use them. This is NOT the way things should be. If your program cannot adequately keep the attention of the students you are teaching, then the problem is not with the student. The problem is with your program. Get with it, or get out.

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