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Comment Had the problem... (Score 1) 222

Got a refurb phone from iCare+ for another issue. It developed that problem intermittently within 2 weeks. Took it to an Apple store but it wasn't happening then so they wouldn't do anything but clearly knew the issue. Told me if it happened again to record a video of it. Within 3 seconds of me arriving home it happened and I grabbed a video. When I went back to the Apple store a different guy took a look at the video and in the first second or so said, "Yep, I've seen this happen before." and handed me a new phone.

Sample size 1, ancedote is not the singular form of data etc...

Comment Other questions (Score 1) 291

Should we teach everyone trigonometry? Or should we just teach basic arithmetic since all you really need is to balance your checkbook? You could just hire a professional accountant instead!
Should we teach everyone creative-writing? Or should we ask instead if the rules of grammar are enough? After all you can just hire a professional author or buy a book! Why should everyone need to know how to write?

Comment Re:MMO development may be (Score 1) 103

That could have been worded better. What I meant is real time object replication where state on an object one on server is mirrored on other servers. IE: If you are standing near the boundary between two servers, you on one server, your opponent on the other server. Each server is constantly updating object state to each other as well as to the observing clients. What are the other cases that this is common? I'll be happy to move the location in the future because I know on MMOs I worked on this was the single cause of the most # of bugs in the system and one reason why a lot of early MMOs were Zone based rather than open world.

Comment Re:MMO development may be (Score 2) 103

To be clear, you believe that if the credit card numbers of 11 million subscribers of World of Warcraft was leaked it wouldn't be on the front page of NY Times? What percentage of the banks and utilities you are talking about there have on the order of 11 million subscribers?

And I described software complexity, not software importance.

Comment MMO development may be (Score 5, Interesting) 103

I've always said that an MMO is literally the most complicated piece of software one can make. Take every single problem that exists in software engineering, and you have it in an MMO.

A) Every problem from a normal game.
1) Resource streaming for an open world.
2) Particle system running on 5 year old commodity hardware
3) Physics system to handle projectiles (Even if it's not havok you still need something for the characters falling from the sky.)

B) Every problem that a business app would have.
4) High availability clusters
5) Billing systems
6) Massive databases
7) Customer Support back end
8) Call center support

C) Every problem that 'internet companies' have
9) Latency kills
10) World wide datacenters mapping 1:1 and 1:many architecture pieces

D) Some nice unique problems for MMOs only
11) Cross server object replication
12) More hackers targeting it than they would some banks.

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