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Comment How does she imagine terrorism works? (Score 1) 512

Does she think that terrorists hop on planes and then live-blog their intentions dead-tree? What sense would that make?

Maybe she thinks that terrorists board the plane first and then work out the physics required to sabotage the flight en-route.

Or does she think that math itself can be used to control airplanes from the passenger seat?

I guess this is the increasingly less rare intersection of ignorance, abject stupidity, and irrational paranoia. I'd be pretty angry with this passenger for being so stupid, let alone delaying the flight and wasting fuel.

Comment Ignoramus fluff (Score 1) 397

What a retarded piece of contemporary fluff bullshit. Surely people of the past thought the same thing about horseless carriages, pocket watches and clocks accurate enough for navigation, the compass, the sextant, cargo ships, railroads, TNT, the fucking wheel, portable fire sticks, airplanes, radio, all sorts of farming equipment, the telegraph and the telephone, operational amplifiers, general purpose computers, vacuum tubes, semiconductors, etc. etc.

The iPhone is just a polished consumer device that presents a variety of previously existing technologies in an appealing way to technopeasant masses. In no way do high volume sales translate to relevant influence on humanity. Go research Tulip Mania and I'm sure TIME would have presented the tulip as one of the most influential investment strategies of all time.

In reality this meaningless shit will be forgotten about in 5 generations, just like TIME and all the other dinosaurs that failed to make the leap from dead-tree media to the Internet.

Comment Re:Are drones really THAT dangerous? (Score 1) 368

Caution: Your mouth is spewing ignorance.

If you seriously want to argue that these things are flying around in class G airspace then let me come back by informing you that there is a large TFR to the surface during firefighter operations and they are busting that TFR. It is not a free-for-all just because it's close to the ground.

Comment Core i7 (Score 1) 385

I really like my Dell M4800 Core-i7 4800MQ (quad-core) laptop. It is very powerful both in terms of CPU performance and graphics performance. It has been a very good engineering workstation and has no trouble decoding 1080p video and running FSX with all the detail turned up to max.

Whatever you do, don't waste money on a cheapo big-box bottom-dollar consumer laptop.

Comment Move along, nothing to see here (Score 2) 72

This is the first I've ever heard of either of these accounts and after glancing at them I still fail to see why anyone would give a crap? It's like staring at a random word generator. Neither intriguing nor captivating. Giving them a day of fame here is a waste of my time and undeserved food for their troll of a project.

Slashdot: News for twitter-obsessed tweens?

Comment Re:good news for NSA (Score 5, Informative) 157

I read the article. The impression I got was that it will still take the same time today that it would have taken yesterday to break encryption, but it turns out that the metric used to demonstrate an algorithm's effectiveness at hiding information was inadequate for electronic communication. In a nutshell, the latest math explains that most encryption systems are vulnerable to side-channel attacks, even if you might not have realized it. But side-channel attacks have been employed for a long time, so those who do security already knew this anecdotally.

Comment Unadvantages! (Score 5, Interesting) 312

Once the idea is tested and youâ(TM)re comfortable with the design, you can add type annotations.

I've been doing this with comments since 1999 and it works great! Of course I still haven't gotten around to that final step of going back and adding all those comments but I love the flexibility!

Unless you like bugs, type-checking is a good thing. Lack of type enforcement encourages what -- lack of forethought?

Comment Re:You're rudely forgotten my demographic! (Score 1) 461

I used to not see the problem with GMO too. If the motivation is to make a better crop or otherwise improve the farming industry, then I'm all for it. Unfortunately, the real motivation behind GMO is profit. Look at Monsanto's litigation record to see what it's about. Monsanto would have every farm have to buy their seeds from Monsanto every season as well as the pesticides. If even a single Monsanto seed winds up "accidentally" falling off a truck and growing in a farmer's field, he will be sued into oblivion and forced into being a Monsanto shop. The only reason to hide GMO on the labels is to take away our power as consumers to vote at the register. I like to know what my food is made of, where it came from, when it's going to expire. Stop eating the line of bullshit the mega-corps feed you and quit voting for corporate interests over your own.

Comment ORLY (Score 1) 74

The flies in my part of California don't bounce off the walls. WTF? Sure, they fly back and forth and in circles, but bouncing off the walls as a form of navigation? I have my doubts as to whether this was truly nature-inspired.

Comment Welcome to 2005 (Score 1) 349

This phenomenon and all the proposed solutions (tarpitting, port knocking, fail2ban, rate limiting) are old news. This whole headline is old news. I've seen coordinated distributed robo-worm port scans and brute force attacks on every service of every port of my servers since ages ago. Fail2ban ultimately does nothing since the source IPs switch every few seconds to a random country. All it ever did was eventually lock myself out for 20 minutes when I typo'd a password.

The only real solution (which we can't implement) is to shut down the bot nets and disconnect infected hosts.

Comment Hoax or at the very least misleading (Score 1) 167

There's no uC or accelerometer visible in the cube, let alone a cellular radio to send the text message. This is either a complete hoax or at the very least it is misleading in that it doesn't describe the electronics outside of the cube that do the real work (over a nearly line-of-sight IR link).


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