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Comment I didn't post a rebuttal (Score 5, Interesting) 106

I actually agree with almost everything Drew wrote with the exception of his GC statements, I worked for an EA contractor in the 90's doing large scale terrain streaming on what today would be a a computer less powerful than an iPhone so while my game programming experience might be outdated its still valid. Saying that I don't know if its actually implemented only referred to the last section. Like I said, I actually worked on the VM code as well as the elements on top of it. As I said in the comments to the article never might have been harsh but I pretty much stand by it. If you use a GC you need to program with that in mind and design the times where GC occurs (level loading). Most of your dynamic memory would be textures anyway which are outside the domain of the GC altogether and shouldn't trigger GC activity. To avoid overhead in a very large or infinite world you swap objects in place by using a pool, no its not ideal and you do need to program "around" the GC in that regard. OTOH when we programmed games in C++ we did exactly the same thing, no one would EVER allocate dynamic memory during gameplay to avoid framerate cost.

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