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Comment Useless, or doomed to fail. (Score 2, Insightful) 156

I posted these same thoughts last time I saw a "secure" phone on slashdot. Apparently it was long enough ago that it's no longer in my post history?

Regardless, there are two options I am aware of: 1) end to end encryption or 2) insecure messages/communication

The problem with #1 is that it requires secure devices on BOTH ENDS of the communication. You get very little bonus security if your device is secure, but the text messages, emails, phone calles etc. go unencrypted over the wire. That's fine, but now I have to persuade my parents and all my friends to get THIS exact phone, understand how it works well enough to set it up, and actually use those features.

I have a lot of respect for Zimmerman, but I'm extremely skeptical.

Comment Shenanigans (Score 1) 107

There are some questions TFA doesn't answer.

  • * Where does the 54tbps number come from? I'm skeptical this is anything other than internal. It might be their switching setup's theoretical max, but even if every one of the 120,000 wireless clients pushed the theoretical 300mbps of 802.11n, that's still only about 35tbps. Overkill, okay, but without knowing what the 54tbps stat refers to, it doesn't really say much.
  • * There's an airport in Sochi. Why truck crucial equipment, especially if the roads are bad?
  • * Okay, you have to truck your equipment in for some strange reason, fine. Why through Kazakhstan? I haven't driven it so I'm just going from a map, but there look to be at least two major routes between Moscow and Sochi. Not short routes (20+ hours, G. Maps estimates), but still shorter than anything that goes through Kazakhstan.

This seems like a fluff marketing piece for Avaya. I'm sure they're doing some really cool stuff in Sochi, but we didn't learn much about it for all that text. Sad face.

Comment Re:I always wondered if you could buy an oc48 (Score 1) 225

I've seen pricing on serious bandwidth -- it's just too expensive. Example: REALLY good pricing on 50mb/s (20mb/s commit) is somewhere around $1600/mo. The 20mb/s commit means your average bandwidth for the month doesn't go over 20mb/s -- they usually drop the highest and lowest couple days or the like to calculate their average. Bump it to, say, 150mb/s with a 50mb/s commit and you're up to $2200/mo. The only other number I remember off the top of my head was for 10gb/s was well, well into six figures per month.

None of that's crazy if you need it, but it's going to hurt if you don't have a really good chunk of start-up capital to keep you going until you've set up whatever hosting/reselling you're hoping falls into place.

Anyway, point being, it ain't gonna work if this music project is having trouble with $500/mo. bandwidth bills.

Comment Rackspace CloudFiles (Score 1) 225

$0.15/GB storage.
$0.18/GB outbound from CDN (Akamai) -- including regular transfer, ssl, and streaming.

While this sounds steep for me, as a personal use (5TB outbound is $900), I assume you're making money at this. Nonetheless, it's also a massive savings over $0.50/GB. You could keep your existing host for regular web traffic and set up a subdomain, music.yourdomain.com or whatever that's just a CNAME that points to the CDN domain.

Also, I do not work for Rackspace -- I'm just exposed to their products via my work.

Comment Re:The only way to fight this nonsense... (Score 1) 1131

This seems, unfortunately, like it would be asking for indiscriminate violence. If lots of people insult violent extremists, why bother with specific targets? If thousands are providing "justification," it may also sway less extreme people that the West really is filled with people deserving of some punishment (even if they wouldn't pull the trigger or press the button themselves).

I know, it's not like these people need a rational reason, but I'd personally feel pretty guilty if a bomb went off somewhere because of something I participated in.

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