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Submission + - Senate Healthcare vote (While you sleep!) (

Shadowfire3000 writes: It looks like a normal day of voting just wouldn't do for Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), who has set up an early morning vote for Monday morning to setup a late-night Christmas Eve vote for final passage of the much debated HealthCare Bill. Senator Reid apparently used some rare procedures to move on this vote and make sure to block any further reasoning or review of the HealthCare Bill.

Submission + - MythTV gets Recipes again!

Shadowfire3000 writes: Mythtv has been around for a long time, being one of the leading open source DVR projects available to anyone who wants the advantages outside of proprietary DVRs like Tivo or Explorer 8300HD DVR. Mythtv has also been keen to have extras plugins outside the normal availabilities of a proprietary DVR, such as MythGallery and MythNews among others (with in the last couple of years the proprietary devices have started to provide such content).

One such plug-in that has been revived and is in development status is MythRecipe. MythRecipe provides both a plugin and web based recipe interface for MythTv. Currently MythRecipe is considered an unoffical plugin, but it looks like it has promise as a great plugin to take the MythTv experience one step further in to our digital lives. In this case it helps us with food and preperation of our food. One thing that all movie goers know can be a great teaming of taste and entertainment.

Comment Re:Could be good news for BSD projects (Score 1) 710

Wow, it is amazing how people will take up for the big guy, even when the big guy is not in the right of way sort to speak. Just like we as consumers have to abide by laws and licenses, the businesses and corporations must and should play by the same rules too!

The whole problem here is not based on the licensing of the GPL or BSD and how the licenses control usage of software that the companies or corporations use, but the fact that the companyies that *CHOOSE* to use the code written by someone who is not on thier payroll or in their company roster, therefore cutting down the time it takes them to have to make code and send out the product (in other words they are benefiting as well). Those companies and corpotations only want to play by the rules that will benefit them only, including ignoring the recpective parties who developed the code orignially and by not obeying the GPL or BSD licensing!

These companies and corportations write up licensing and EULA's for same such reasons and expect you to abide by them (those companies and corporations even enact leagal proceedings when they feel the agreements have been broken), shouldn't the developers of the GPL & BSD expect the same? I believe so!

Personally I don't care that these companies and corporations use the GPL, BSD, LGPL or any licensed code/software for that matter as long as they stick with the licensing respective rights reserved. But if these businesses or corporation companies go and use the code/software that is not theirs in the first place, they should at least - as Microsoft just recently put it - Play by the rules (the irony of them saying that.. unreal! should we take a look under the hood of XP and Vista???) - That would be what the license of the GPL and BSD state how you can use the code - nothing more... and nothing less. This seems to be hard for the businesses and corporation parties to do, mainly because they feel they have to make $$$ off of every last item they do or put to the market.

Once again I have not problem that these companies and corporations use GPL & BSD licensing, but they need to stay with in the guidelines of the license and not complain when they decided they don't want to abide by the licensing. There is tons of software that is licensed under other respective licensing. They can use those software, pay for the rights to a company that makes software, buy those companies or develope there own stuff. Its as simple as that, but to complain about a license just because you have your own agenda, and don't want to allow progress, creativity, and innovation to the industry? That is lame, and an a unwarranted argument.

Unfortunately these such licenses as the GPL & BSD licens have to exist, so that the greedy, corruptible and such people who have no moral fiber will not be able to infringe on other corporation, company, consumer, or users rights, by doing anything they please and not allowing credit or avability to give back what they themselves have also gained from the community.

These companies and corporations have gained help through using these GPL or BSD licensed code or programs, which in a business setting is usually compensated by money to the party who developes the code/program, but in the case of the company using GPL, the owner/devloper of the code is allowing the company or corporation not pay, but only give back to the development of the code or program used. I think this is beyond fair for the companies and corporations to have to abide by since it truley is a win-win situation in the long run for both parties.

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