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Comment Endurance is more than physical ability (Score 3, Interesting) 104

From the article: "...newcomers to the military service build up the endurance they need to get in shape safely." Allowing trainees to play games to get in shape goes against almost everything the military is supposed to teach soldiers. Soldiers are expected to spends weeks or months in the field where there might not be electricity and clean water, forget entertainment electronic. Soldiers should learn to rough it and exercise even when it's difficult or boring. If the new recruits cannot take the standard training, perhaps there should be a "pre-boot camp", but to allow them to play games? Insane.

Submission + - Astronauts wanted - no bad breath ( 1

lee1 writes: "The goal of China's next space programme is to is to build
            a space station orbiting earth, and they are being mighty
            careful about who will get to inhabit that space station. The agency is attempting to
            recruit 'super human beings', prohibiting those with bad breath,
            tooth decay, body odours, or scars which may 'burst open' in space. 'Bad body odour
            will affect fellow colleagues in the narrow confines of a space
            shuttle,' a doctor at the 454th Air Force Hospital in Nanjing
            helpfully explained. Also banned will be any
            candidate with a history of serious illness in the last three
            generations of their family, and anyone with
            drug allergies or ringworm. In addition, the hopeful astronaut must possess a 'pleasant and
            adaptable disposition.' As if that were not stringent enough,
            those without marital approval need not apply. How many of you
            reading this would qualify?"


Submission + - AT&T Censors 4chan server 13

An anonymous reader writes: Details how (home of the notorious /b/ — "Random" image board) is being actively blocked by AT&T. According to the scant details available on 4chan and Reddit there are reports that has become inaccessible from California to Texas and some reports claim as far east as Connecticut. Supposedly this is to stop a ring of pedophiles, but as one Reddit poster said it best "First the came for the pedophiles and I was not a pedophile..."
Disturbing news indeed.

Submission + - Groundbreaking For A New New York CPU Factory ( 1

ReverendDC writes: "The New York Times had an article about a state of the art factory being built in, well, New York. The factory is being built by the AMD spinoff, and also has some good info about the spinoff's backers: "While chip design is a big business in the United States, most chips are manufactured in China, Taiwan and Singapore. The factory here, some experts say, will help make the country globally competitive in chip manufacture for the first time in years. "The grants and tax support level the playing field on a global basis," said Douglas A. Grose, the chief executive of Global Foundries. "We looked all over the world for the next site. Every country that wanted a facility like this stepped forward.""

Submission + - NASA launch of the Max Launch Abort System (

xp65 writes: "NASA successfully demonstrated an alternate system for future astronauts. The launch of the Max Launch Abort System, or MLAS, took place on July 8, 2009, at 6:26 a.m. at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Va. The unpiloted launch tested an alternate concept for safely propelling a future spacecraft and its crew away from a problem on the launch pad or during ascent. The MLAS consists of four solid rocket abort motors inside a bullet-shaped composite fairing attached to a full-scale mockup of the crew module."

Comment This could be YOU! (Score 1) 523

Both illegal downloaders and the music industry know that it is pretty much impossible to sue every filesharer. This knowledge is basically what keeps filesharers going. The only reason that organizations like the SIAA sue individual parties for ridiculous sums of money is to induce fear in the overwhelming majority of filesharers and thereby cut down filesharing as much as possible by pure psychology. Coupling this video with the real-life verdicts carried out on a few of the millions of filesharers will effectively cause many eleven-year-olds to piss their pants in fear and not download that album. What the SIAA doesn't realize that the average eleven-year-old that will actually be intimidated by this will probably not BUY any albums either, and that almost all filesharers will simply see through the scare tactics and filesharing will live on. Therefore, what this amounts to is just a ton of money wasted by the SIAA on a stupid music video that will at best serve to entertain the public on youtube. The SIAA made a good move with their first video from the 90s; they appealed to people's sense of morality, detailing how much work is put into a game and why it is worth it to support the creators. Though appealing to conscience wouldn't stop all filesharing, people would at least feel moved to pay for games (or other media) that they enjoyed, supporting an industry of quality. I do not know why they have resorted to useless fearmongering instead.
The Internet

Submission + - China blocks Internet in response to riot

ShadowWraith writes: "China has yet again blocked the flow of information from it's borders. reports that China has completely locked down the Internet in the Xinjiang region in response to riots by ethnic minorities that have left 140 people dead. Even users in Beijing and Shanghai cannot access Twitter. Looks like China is taking the good old "shut everyone who says something is wrong up" route. Will this work for them or just infuriate Chinese citizens further?"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Spanish scientists develop echolocation in humans (

TheDawgLives writes: "Along the theme of sense hacking (dupe), a team of researchers from the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) has shown scientifically that human beings can develop echolocation, the system of acoustic signals used by dolphins and bats to explore their surroundings. Producing certain kinds of tongue clicks helps people to identify objects around them without needing to see them, something which would be especially useful for the blind."

Comment Relying on altruism is foolish (Score 1) 187

If the newspapers don't make money, journalists and photographers are not paid. If journalists and photographers are not paid, they will not risk going into dangerous situations to learn the truth (remember the two journalists held in North Korea) and the truth will have to come out through amateur bloggers and cell phone pictures, which all of you must admit is often inaccurate or uninformative. News costs money. Perhaps taxing internet use is not the right way to support the news industry, but if people quit paying for papers, some sort of tax will be necessary simply to keep the industry alive in any country. And before anyone replies suggesting it, online advertising revenues will never come close to covering the costs of quality reporting.

Submission + - New Polyurethane material to repair car scratches 1

Cutting_Crew writes: The next time someone keys you car or runs their shopping cart into your car bumper, not all is lost. If your car is coated with a new polyurethane-coating from the University of Southern Mississippi your car might be able to repair itself within one hour. A more detailed description of the research is available at the Ars Technica website and another similar article has hit the Scientific American .

Dr. Marek Urban , a professor and chemist of the Polymer Science Department, along with Biswajit Ghosh at the university, published the research and their findings in the March 13th edition of the journal Science.

A time lapse video of the process can be found here but also reveals a drawback:

"The material effectively forms an invisible "scar" when it repairs the scratch, so it can't be scratched in the same place twice. This could limit its usefulness for handheld devices such as cellphones, which often get scratched in the same places because of the way they're set down on surfaces or slid into pockets. But it's still a working solution for cars, since scratches don't usually occur in exactly the same patch on the vehicle's body.

Comment Too little, too late (Score 1) 101

They're planning on launching this in 2012, and it's just a test. What with delays, bureaucracy and imminent lack of funding due to the world economy, you can't expect Europe to get actual people into space until at best 2018, at which point American private companies, Russia, and China will be headed for the moon, if not already there. The Orion program seems much the same to me.

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