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Comment Flaw... (Score 1) 842

There's one flaw with your logic.. the fact that most US public school systems do not welcome high technology with open arms, they often try to push high technology away if it's a student program.. if it's something the superintendent cant understand.. the students better not understand it, because that's scary stuff to them.
Case in point with my school, we're not allowed to run linux on the network because microsoft has sat down with them saying how bad and scary linux is and how it's a hacker tool, etc.
That and the admin is anal, and if a real computer lab was started where you could screw around with operating system stuff, they'd try to get it shut down.. Hell, cisco networking at my school has been under fire from the network admin.. constantly, same with the computer repair class, he wants both of those ejected from the curriculum because they threaten his precious babies (the computers he wants no one, including teachers to even look at)

That situation is also in many schools in the US.
If someone high up cant understand computers or robots, they dont want to hear of it.

Journal Journal: Minute Linux

working on a project called minute linux, it'll offer a customizeable linux system for that older machine collecting dust in the attic, and will also provide upgrades for existing projects like small linux.

anyways, I need some suggestions, like how to boot a minixfs system using the bootblocks part of the linux86 package with an i386 kernel (it'll already work with the 8086 port, which already has more progress than the i386 version of minute)

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