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Comment Re:Wanted More from Spore (Score 1) 881

I've actually finished the game (as much as it can be) so I'll tell you this. You've missed the best part of the game. The cell phase is fun, but too limited. The creature phase is OK. The tribal phase sucks and the Civ phase is way too simple. But the space phase is fucking amazing. However it does start a little slow. I felt like the game was rushing me through the other phases to get to the space phase, then when it got there it suddenly slowed way down. But once you get a decent variety of tools for your ship it's all they promised.

Submission + - IBM claims breakthrough in chip manufacturing

Stony Stevenson writes: IBM and its partners, which include tech heavyweights Advanced Micro Devices, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, and others, have developed a key material that reduces the cost of manufacturing next-generation 32-nanometer microprocessors. The proprietary material based on the chemical element hafnium makes it possible for chipmakers to design products that follow the same manufacturing process flow used in building conventional chips. Keeping the manufacturing steps the same means fewer expensive modifications in fabrication plants.

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