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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What to do when finding a Security Breach on Shared Hosting 1

An anonymous reader writes: A few months ago i stumbled across an interesting security hole with my webhost, where I was able access any file on the server, including other users. When I called the company they immediately contacted the server team and stated that they will fix the problem that day. Since all you need when calling them is your username, and I was able to list out all 500 usernames of the server, this was rather a large security breach. Which to there credit they did patch the server, not 100% of the way but close enough where moving to a new web host was moved down the 'list' a little.

Jump a head to this week, they experienced server issue, and we requested being moved to a different server. First thing I did was run my test script, and I was able to list out everyone's files again. They only applied the patch to old server. We are now moving off from this web host all together. However I do fear for the thousands of customers that have no clue about this security issue, along with about 10 mins of coding someone could search for the sql connection string and grab the username/password required to access their hosting account.

Whats the best way to handle this type of situation?

Submission + - Circuit City to close down ALL Stores (cnet.com)

ShadowHywind writes: The nation's second-largest consumer electronics retailer filed for bankruptcy in November and initially closed 155 retail outlets in an attempt to get its roughly $2 billion debt under control. Just a week ago, Circuity City announced it was in talks for a sale with two "highly interested" parties. After the talks broke down, the company said, it had no choice but to liquidate all remaining merchandise and shut its doors. The rest of the store can be found http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10144298-1.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Crave

Submission + - USPS Business Etiquette, or lack of

ShadowHywind writes: Within the last week, every time I go out to get my mail, I have to let it "air" out for a few hours before i can bring it in due to a heavy smoke smell to it. Today, I saw my mail career with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while he delivered my mail. I have called and complained about the smell, but nothing has been done yet. The USPS has no rules for smoking while in a delivery truck,(so its ok to smoke inside of a government car/truck, but not a building?) where do you draw the line? Have slashdotters come across this issue before? I am not trying to bash those who smoke, but what happened to business etiquette?

Submission + - Price for child's safety

ShadowHywind writes: Cingular has recently came out with a family plan text message plan with a great price of $29.99. However what they don't mention to say is that it removes all blocks, including MediaNet and text messages, that were once on the phone. And due to "software" problems, they can not add the block back on. Cingular does have a solution for you, get rid of the Family plan text message, and go with individual plans. So instead of paying $29.99 a month for all 5 phones, your looking at $19.99 times 4 phones. The best part of this whole story, is that Cingular programmed it to be this way, according to one Manager at Cingular, Whats better for Cingular, $29.99 or $49.99. So the moral of the story, if you have a 8 year old and care about there safety and don't want them to have internet or text messages, then get ready to pay, either with $49.99 or giving everyone on your plan free reign on the internet on their phone.

Submission + - personal security cameras 1

ShadowHywind writes: After a horrible breakup with my girlfriend, my car was suddenly scratched. A few weeks later, the car was scratched again. After reporting it to the apartment management, they said that this is the first case of a car ever being vandalized in the parking lot. Unfortunately the apartment parking lot has no security cameras, and currently has no plan on installing any. The good thing is i can see my car from my window, however i can't sit and watch it 24/7. So i am asking you all, What are your suggestions to installing a personal security camera aiming at the car or can i do something else?
The Internet

Submission + - Has iGoogle gotten to big for google to handle

ShadowHywind writes: Within the last two weeks, bookmarks that i have saved on iGoogle have been disappearing and reappearing randomly. I have emailed Google countless times with no response. Has iGoogle grown to big for Google to handle? Are others having the same issues?

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